Amboise Brocante

Our family made a quick, last minute, road trip this weekend to Chateau de Chenonceau.  After I checked the hours of the chateau to make sure they would be open when we wanted to go and found a place for us to stay I checked to see if there were any sales going on near by.  I was in luck and found a Brocante & Vide Grenier in Amboise just minutes from where we were staying.  We had a wonderful visit to the chateau on Sunday and Monday morning I was ready to do some shopping.


The first couple of tables I stopped at were very expensive.  I started to get disappointed that I was going to just be looking.  And then I turned a corner and the buying began.  I did manage to get a few photos from around the brocante.  This was a massive sale, I walked and shopped for almost 3 hours. It was amazing.

These first photos are all from the same vendor.  They had mostly transferware and they had some truly amazing pieces.  This set was from the 1800s and was in perfect condition.


There were 3 tables just like this.


More amazing work.




It just kept going.


The condition of their pieces was just amazing.  I did buy a set of dessert plates from this vendor, I will show you those later.


I didn’t take any more photos until I had run out of money. A very sweet lady let me put my large basket in the trunk of her car while I did a little more shopping.  These are photos from the far end of the brocante from where I started.  I could have kept buying, but there was not an ATM to be found.


There was so much to look at.


I am always drawn to enamelware pieces and large metal signs.


The dogs at the markets are always fun.  This market had quite a few big dogs.


More pretty things.


This set caught my eye.


This fancy couple was right next to the orange set.


This bucket caught my eye on the way in and the way out.


The tables of linens are just amazing.


These old tools were so interesting.


I love these rows of bins, you never know what you are going to find and what kinds of prices they are going bring.


This table stopped me in my tracks.


And then it was time to leave.  We packed up, ate lunch, and made the 2 hour drive home.  I love unpacking all of my treasures and looking at them again.  Here is everything I managed to buy at the market. Yes, there are a lot of treasures. I was actually stopped at the market by a french film crew.  They interviewed me on camera (in English) for France 3.  They asked what I was buying and why.  Then the cameraman followed me for a little bit.  It was one of the silliest things that has happened to me while brocante shopping.


This mustard jar was a special find.


This is a toy sized basket, I love these baskets and have them in almost every other side.


Blue transfer ware is always a good find.


That is an enamel plate, the strands of pearls are going to be used in decorating for my sisters wedding.


Here is my transfer ware from the first vendor.  I got these 6 plates that are in very good condition for their age.


The back of the plates.


These posters are some of my favorite finds.  I got 10 different chateaux, many of them we have been to.  I love finds like this.


I put a few of my finds together, one of them is a pretty little pitcher with this ‘Deauville’ stamp on the bottom.


Here we are, a pretty pitcher, yellow enamelware and the green jars were all treasures from today.


I hope you enjoyed this trip through the Amboise Brocante.

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Green Transferware by Badonviller

This set of dishes came from the same vide grenier in Normandy, but a different table.  I was not planning on buying another set of dishes, but when I saw this set I had to bring it home.


This set came with 49 pieces, including 23 dinner plates and 14 bowls.


There is only 1 chip that I could find on the whole set.


Here is the mark from the back.  I believe this set dates back to around 1923.


This is an amazing set with great serving pieces, all in great condition.  This is heading to the container for my shipment home.  I am almost done filling my container so this is one of my final purchases.  It is very exciting to be almost done and kind of sad.  I have had so much fun shopping to fill it.


And this is what my youngest thought of me taking more product photos.  Really he just wanted a snack.


A Weekend Away starts with a Vide Grenier

When my mom told us she was coming for a visit one of the first things I did was look for an opportunity for my husband and I to get away together.  With 4 children it can be very difficult to find someone that can watch all 4 overnight.  We hadn’t been away just the two of us since before our youngest was born, over a year ago.  I found a great place for us to go that wasn’t too far from home, more on that later.  Our first activity after leaving the house was a vide grenier.


Who is surprised that I managed to find one near where we were going?  A vide grenier is like a garage sale, only it is an attic sale.  This one was held inside a school in the small town of Auneau.  We had to drive around for a bit, but we found the sale and I went to work.


It was not a huge sale, but I found several treasures, here they are back at home all cleaned up.  The baguette basket is old and beautiful.  The soup toureen is Villeroy and Boch, the black scale was out of someone’s attic, an old French children’s book, the little yellow elephant tea pot and the brass candlestick rounded out my finds.


We got a snack and a cup of coffee from their concession stand and then walked around the town for a little bit.  It is amazing to me the history you can find in small towns.



Our car was parked in a parking lot just to the right of this path.


We would have loved to tour this old building, but it was not open to the public.





This marker was just outside this old house, it talks about a battle between Catholic and Protestants in 1587.  I will never get over the history of this country.



The sign on this building said Telegraphs.


The Mairie’s office, the Christmas lights on this were pretty amazing too.



Another old tower.


I love this field.  We live in the city, not in the heart of Paris, but close enough that we do not get to enjoy much open space.


The green here makes me so happy.


This old building was on the other side of the parking lot.  It is used as some kind of municipal building now.


I wish public buildings in the US had this much character.


This was  great start to a refreshing time away for Jon and I.  More pictures to come.

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