Family Halloween Ideas

Two years ago, when we lived in England I was in charge of organizing the Boot to Boot (the British version of a Trunk or Treat). As I planned the event I also started working on our family Halloween costume. Up until this point we had not done a full family theme for our Halloween costume. I had so much fun coming up with an idea and seeing all of the costumes come together. Now that I have two years of family costumes I thought I would share my tricks for having the whole look come together.


It seems like an obvious choice, but we went with Harry Potter. My oldest had finished reading all of the books and she was a little bit obsessed. The baby has super blond hair and was our vicious little Draco Malfoy. We taught him how to say “My father will hear about this.” Garrett was our Harry Potter, Bennett rocked the orange hair as Ron Weasley, Addison was the perfectly precocious Hermione. Jon went for Snape with enthusiasm and I enjoyed being Bellatrix Lestrange.


We might have had too much fun with this costume. Snape’s wig and cloak was from amazon. I found black velvet blazer at a charity shop. fullsizeoutput_e81d

Living in England made the uniforms for the kids pretty easy. I just went to Marks and Spencer and bought uniforms. It should be easy enough to find a white button down and a uniform style pants or dress. The ties and capes were an easy find on amazon too. The orange hair spray helped complete the whole look. Don’t skip the little details!fullsizeoutput_e81f


Last year we were back in Texas and we were ready for another family costume idea. We went through quite a few fun ideas, but most of them were a little pricey for 6 people.

We decided on a family of pirates as we already had a few pieces. Bennett’s Captain Hook costume and a few of the swords came from The BOOtique Costumes. My jacket and skirt and both of our head scarves were thrifted finds.



We had too much fun, but so did our kids and that is what matters most. At one point as we were dodging thunderstorms and racing from house to house Malachi looked at us and said he was having the best Halloween ever.



These mannequin legs were an antique show cast off. My family thinks I am crazy for keeping these legs in our garage through the year, but this pay off is so worth it. A pair of striped tights and cowboy boots and our front door looks festive and fun.

Our bucket of candy waited for trick or treaters while we were out and our turquoise bucket held non food treasures so everyone was included.



For this year Halloween will be here before we know it and I am already working on putting together our best look yet. I will go through our existing costume stash, start looking at thrift stores and estate sales for specific pieces and make sure to visit my favorite local Bootique.



Do you dress up with your kids? Do you have a family theme? Do you have a favorite source for costumes?

I can’t wait to trick or treat with this crew again this year!

Puce du Canal, a Thrift Store, and a Brocante on Vacation

I love taking advantage of our family trips to do some shopping.  Unfortunately an illness delayed our trip by one day and put a serious dent in my planned shopping activities.  Thankfully I made up for my missed opportunities and I came home with a full car after all.  I mean, with 4 kids my car is always full, but I brought home plenty of treasures too.  To fit in this kind of shopping with 4 kids I plan stops during our drive, get up early, make sure there are fun things to do near by, and I pack food, lots of food.  It is wonderful how often there is a play ground near a brocante.  I have the most amazing husband in the world that gets excited about my treasures.

These green canning jars were a favorite find this week.  I have quite a few of the clear glass, but these heavy green jars from different companies are beautiful.  The enamel box has holes on the side that would make it easy to hang.  There are so many possibilities.

DSC_0350 DSC_0353

Books, lots of old books.  The big one on the end is the “Codes de la Legislation Francaise”.  The date on the inside is 1858!  These books are all in French and all date back to the 1960s or earlier.  The Ville de Paris book is a translation of a Norwegian book into French.  I love it.

DSC_0355 DSC_0358

This enamel pot stopped me in my tracks.  I was in a small town called Beaucaire at a Wednesday morning brocante.  We almost couldn’t find the brocante, thankfully my husband kept driving around this medieval town and we came across a parking lot with about 30 vendors.  I found this pot towards the end of my shopping.  I had to play it cool when I talked to the seller.  One handle is broken, but the size and paint job make up for any other defects in my eyes.


It is hard to see the handles on the sides of this enamel pan, but I love them.  I have quite a collection of vintage tins and these are really cool shapes with great patina.


I found a thrift store in Avignon that we had to go to the Industrial Zone to find.  My husband thinks I am crazy at times, finding in treasures in Europe often involves going to sketchy parts of town.  The thrift store was worth it, I was able to find this great vintage bowl and the fleur de lis glasses. The transfer ware bowl was from the brocante.DSC_0375

DSC_0378 DSC_0379

These glasses were exactly what I was looking for.

This image from Pinterest has inspired me to collect dark colored glasses in all shapes, colors and sizes. 


Ah numbers, I love these enamel numbers.  I found these at the Puces du Canal in Lyon.  Again, not a great part of town, but some truly great collections.  We got there just as most of the outside vendors were closing up, but I did a quick walk around and found a few things worth dragging home.


This pitcher and basin is in great condition.  It is French vintage and I love the simplicity.DSC_0389

Blue transfer ware that is extremely dirty.  I am going to clean this up and we will be using this as part of our every day.


My glasses again and a great vintage book about champagne.


I picked up this little red suitcase in Lyon.  I used it to carry all of my purchases for the day and I got several comments from the dealers about how cute it was and how practical it was.  Have I mentioned that I love red?

DSC_0398 DSC_0401

The yellow and green makes me think of my Baylor friends back in Texas.  The cowboy boots are Sanchez, Made in Spain boots.  They are too big for me, but they made me think of home so I had to get them.  How cute is this little book?  Bill, le brave Cowboy, printed in 1951 in France.  I was definitely feeling a little home sick as I did my shopping. All of my friends back in Houston are posting their Rodeo pictures and I am feeling far from home.  It is hard to believe that I haven’t been in Texas in almost 3 years.  I am not from Texas and I never thought I would feel homesick for this state, but life is unpredictable in so many fun ways.

DSC_0405 DSC_0415

A couple of fun road signs finish up my finds for this week.  I love the 5 sign, how can you even go 5 km per hour?  Th 1 Km sign is going to look great with the rest of the red in my house.  I just have to find a piece of wall to hang it on.

DSC_0417 DSC_0419

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