Round Top Recap

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I wrote this Round Top Recap way back in October, and then I forgot to post it! Then I forgot to post anything for another 4 months. Ooops! I have been posting regularly over on Instagram @BrocanteTreasures.

I think that I have finally recovered from the adventure that is Antiques Week in Round Top, Texas. This Fall 2019 show was another HOT, HOT, HOT event. Spending 10 days outside in 90+ degree heat took its toll, but the fun was worth it all.


I had so much fun putting together my space at Marburger Farm Antiques Show. It is a labor of love for sure to bring all of my accumulated treasures under this tent and arrange them beautifully.

I had some special help early in set up, my husband and my daughter came out and helped me move furniture and unearth my inspiration.

After some time working hard we did make a stop by the Junk Gypsy Headquarters. Addie found herself a vintage suede jacket that is nothing short of amazing. The truly spectacular part will be when Texas cools off enough for her to enjoy wearing it.


One day during set up, my sister and I made our way to The Vintage Round Top for another installment of their Business, Branding and Social Media Workshop. I have attended 4 of these workshops, and I said I wasn’t going back this year, but the speakers fo the workshop were so good and I love Paige and Smoot. My friend Becki Griffin, did a great job talking about photography and styling, Julia Drake spoke about her PR firm in New York, and the fascinating work they do. Rachel Barrett spoke about her job being in the editor in chief at Country Living. The woman right here, Annie Sloan, of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was amazing. I traditionally have not enjoyed painting furniture, but Annie made me feel like I could transform anything with her paint.


Rachel Barrett came by to say hi at the show.


The real star of the show for me was my sister, Laura. Any time you see me at Antiques Week and I have fun full head of beautifully braided hair it is all thanks to Laura. Hair is Laura’s full time gig, I love that she comes out to Texas to help me and she works her magic on my hair while she is here.

There were so many beautiful treasures, some of them found new homes, others are still waiting for the right place. I so enjoyed being around all my beautiful things and getting to share their stories with my customers and friends.

I was so pleased to get a visit from Jeanne Oliver. I have been so inspired by Jeanne and it meant so much to have her make a visit to my corner while she explored Round Top.


It was a magical time of creativity and connection with fellow treasure hunters.


Until the Spring!

Just a month until the spring show. I will be back at Marburger Farm in Tent A March 31-April 4. Check back for a preview.

Round Top 2016 Recap

It is hard to believe that I was leaving for Round Top Antique Week a month ago.  Things did not start out well, the transportation I had arranged did not work out so I had to rent a U-haul at the last minute. I was able to get all of my things to Round Top and I got them unloaded.  Unfortunately it was so late in the day when I got there all I could do was unload and put a tarp over my pile of treasures. I had to drive the U-haul back to Houston and get my truck and then check in to my accommodations for the week.  That night I woke up to a terrible storm, furious winds and rain. I prayed that my tarps held and that all of my treasures were safe.  The next morning was a little scary driving to the Rendezvous to assess the damage.  Thankfully everything was fine. I started unpacking and setting everything up.



I had brought my own tent with me, a 10×20 white tent, but I knew it was not that sturdy. The winds were whipping so wildly all day that I kept waiting for the wind to stop before putting up my tent. I ended up waiting all day. I put tarps over everything for the night and headed back to the house. I was finally able to get my tent up the next day. IMG_8611


Old books!IMG_8652

Broken china jewelry in green transfer ware and a vintage French top. IMG_8670IMG_8663

A wildflower field in Burton.IMG_8685

This year part of Antique Week was over Easter. That definitely affected the traffic of customers, but it did give my family the opportunity to come out on Easter Sunday. A local brought a couple of horses and the kids all got to go for a ride.  It turns out my kids love horses and have no fear. IMG_8728

The Conservatory at The Rendezvous, on Monday night The Rendezvous had a party at the field. There was a bar set up in this building and there was a band outside. We had food trucks set up and it was a good time.  There was a list of well known people that came and I was really looking forward to meeting them, but I had so many shoppers I didn’t get a chance to mingle! A the end of the night I did get to meet Ki Nausser from Flea Market Style and Kelly Leggit from City Farmhouse. IMG_8636

The drive from the Rendezvous to where I was staying was a beautiful country road. This church was on my route. IMG_8744

The wildflowers were pretty amazing as were the sunrises and sunsets that I experienced. IMG_8742

I unwrapped this sweet girl just for this show, but when my husband saw her he asked if we could keep her. One of the hazards of the job. IMG_8747IMG_8749

This set from Germany found a new home at the end of the week. IMG_8768

I saw this sweet lamb in Warrenton on Easter Sunday. I went to church under the beer tent at Zapp Hall with a friend and her daughter. It was awesome to hear hymns sung, the word preached and an invitation given. They even served communion at the end of the service. The Budweiser banners were flapping in the breeze, but the Holy Spirit was there. IMG_8696

Of course the Royer’s Pie Haven was a part of my Antique week.  I may have stopped their to get a piece of pie for breakfast at least 3 times. IMG_8784

The Houston Art Car made a stop, how fun is this? This car took close to 6 years for the creator to finish. IMG_8774IMG_8776

This beautiful set was made in Holland. I bought it at a market in Belgium. It is still available if anyone is interested. IMG_8779

The last day I was able to visit Marburger Farms with another friend. These boots were calling my name and they fit perfectly, but at over $200 they were out of my shopping budget. IMG_8818

This sweet little metal rack was a seriously amazing piece. It also did not come home with me. IMG_8800

These baskets were such fun colors, and the story behind them was so fun. They have a particular name, but I can’t remember it now. They were made my people with special needs and then painted. The seller of these baskets said they were probably all made by the same person based on the pattern and colors. I love them so much. Again, their price tag at $495 was a little steep for what I was looking for. IMG_8803IMG_8804IMG_8805IMG_8806

This bench caught my eye on the way out, can you see the little pink arm rests? The rubber ducks in the bird bath were a special touch.IMG_8807

On my way home I grabbed a strawberry rhubarb pie to share with my Bible study group. It was a fun treat to share with my friends.IMG_8865

Overall this Antique Weekend was a great experience for me. I learned many more lessons and met so many fun people.

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