Yellow and Lavender Spring

Here in Paris spring is coming. Spring is my favorite season here and these precious daffodils are just the beginning of the beauty that is coming.


My littlest helper is never very far when I am outside.  I think he is as ready for spring as any one.


While spring is coming outside, I decided to work on bringing spring time inside.

This is the view you get when you walk into our home. I love the bright lavender and yellow as you first come in.  Do you see my African masks peaking on the side?  They were brought back from Nigeria, my husband gets to spend some time there and I love the exotic touch they add.


The large platter in the middle is a recent purchase from the Foire de Chatou.  It is marked Bryonia on the back.  It was made by Sarreguemines in the late 1800s and it is in perfect condition. I love it so much and love having it front and center in my house.

My other favorite is this purple transfer ware plate from the top row shows the “La Vie du Soldat” (Life  of the Soldier) “Le Depart”  My husband left for long military deployments twice earlier in our marriage and that moment of saying good bye is one of the hardest I have endured.  With out the good bye you don’t get the homecoming though and those are some of the best days of my life!


I have amassed such a large collection of plates, enamelware, and fun decorating pieces that I don’t always know what I have.  I started working on my plate display, pulling out some of my favorite pieces and seeing what I had to go with them.  The lavender pieces have become some of my favorite pieces in my collection.  The family photo in the background is one of my all time favorites.  It was taken in Texas right before we left for Norway.


I hope you have enjoyed this view yellow and lavender spring in my home.

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