Round Top Recap Fall 2017

I have been thinking about my time in Texas visiting Antique Week in Round Top, Texas. My sister, Laura, drove in from Florida to visit with me and attend the Vintage Round Top’s Branding Workshop. The workshop was so great, with so much information and so many great people. Paige and Smoot Hull, the owners of the Vintage Round Top, hosted another inspiring day. This is the second workshop of their’s that I have been to and I have learned so much from both events. The flat lay at the top is a picture of all of the swag bag goodies we got to take home with us! The spring workshop is already on the calendar. You can read more from their blog with the spring dates listed too right here.

Getting photography and branding feedback from Ashleigh Amoroso and Kadie Smith was such a valuable time for everyone.

During the week we got to do some shopping, Flown the Coop in Burton, The Rendezvous in Round Top, Marburger Farm, and The Designer Dream Spree at The Compound. The Rendezvous is the first show I ever set up at, I still think of the Rendezvous as my Round Top Home. Urban Habitat is an amazing vendor that is set up at the Rendezvous and they always have the most amazing things.


Many of you have asked to see my ‘cottage’. Unfortunately the ‘cottage’ is not really a cute building. The garage pictured is from the little town that our house is in, the tree is next to the house and the bedroom is one of the rooms in the house. It is turning into a great little property and I am so thankful for this place to stay during the show. Eventually this property will be available for rent.

After Antique Week I headed back into Houston, of course I stopped at Buccee’s. The coffee creamer options were a bit overwhelming, we can’t get these in England. My shopping cart at HEB, just a few ‘essentials’ that I needed to bring back with me. I was also able to squeeze in a lunch and a dinner with friends. The first time we moved away from Houston I didn’t go back the whole time we lived away. I am so thankful that I have been able to go back and visit friends and stay connected to our ‘hometown’.

If you have any questions about Antique Week in Round Top, Texas for the Spring you can always visit The Round Top Register.  I am hoping to be back in Texas selling my treasures at the Spring show and I can not wait!

Marburger Tent A Fall 2017

I am getting ready to fly home from Houston to our home in London. I have had an amazing time at Antique Week this year. I did not set up to sell, but I did do some shopping and a lot of talking! I didn’t realize how many people I have met over the years, but I felt like every where I went I was chatting with someone. I do love to talk, especially about some antiques! I made my way to Marburger on opening day and it was so fun and so full of people. I was too busy shopping to take any photos. I was able to go back with my camera and get a few shots. Most of the displays look different than they did on opening day, but they are still absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately I didn’t get very far, I was doing a little too much chatting. I did get to capture a few fantastic vendors. Are you familiar with JBS Mercantile? They are on instagram and they are awesome. Not only is their merchandise great, but their styling is inspired and they are really nice people.

Terry and Bill were my first neighbors at Round Top. They are on the end of Tent A, just across from Tent H. I adore Terry’s feminine style and Bill’s antique and vintage metal pieces are so, so fun. The styling is inspired.

Right next to my old spot is Becky, I love Becky! I loved shopping her space before I knew how awesome she was. There is always something amazing to find in her corner. Becky doesn’t have a business page of any kind, but you can find her twice a year at Marburger Farm.

The neighbor across from me last year was Birdie’s Market on Main from Marble Falls, Texas. Can you tell I love getting to know the people around me?  Old plates make me smile, but the people they have brought into my life make my heart smile.

I hate that I am just getting to post these pictures as Marburger is closed for another season. I know so many people that have talked about wanting to go to Round Top for Antique Week one day and to them I say “GO!” The show has grown, there are more antiques than ever before, there are more places to eat and more places to stay. If you have any questions about visiting Antique Week visit It will be a trip to remember for sure.

There are 6 more tents and 12 more buildings full of antique goodness at Marburger Farm. I love walking the aisles and looking at the amazing finds from around the world.  I am hoping to be there in the Spring with so many gorgeous finds. Until then I hope this little glimpse into Tent A was fun!

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Vintage Sample Books

I have been lucky enough to find 2 different vintage sample books over the last couple of months. These sample books give a window into what a different time would have been like.

This book of plaids was for Paul Salvo Ltd on Bond Street in London. Each of the plaids have their name on them. There are hand written notes on the tag for the sizes of travel rugs and different products that could be made from these plaids.


The pieces are about a foot square and there are so many possibilities in this little book.fullsizeoutput_c7dbfullsizeoutput_c7ddfullsizeoutput_c7defullsizeoutput_c7e0

This is just so pretty to me. fullsizeoutput_c7e1

The second book was a find from just this weekend. This wallpaper book is a little rough around the edges, but I love all of the history held inside. DSC_0152

There are great adds for products from the 50’s. DSC_0153


Just look at these kitchens and bathrooms! DSC_0154

Here are just a few of the wallpapers and their coordinating borders. Some of them are difficult to imagine. Others are cute!


I’m sure these patterns adorned the walls of more than one nursery.DSC_0159DSC_0160

These two are textured and look like they belong in a tiki hut. DSC_0161DSC_0163



Both of these items will be available in my Etsy sale on Saturday! I will be putting more updates on Instagram. You can own a piece of history too!


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Tea Cups in a Basket

I had some fun to start this week with this basket full of tea cups. I participated in a hashtag called Magpie Monday. This hashtag is all about collections and finding a fun way to display them. I like finding ways to be creative with all of my many treasures. This baguette basket is a recent find from Sunbury Antiques Market, it is wider than the average basket and I really like the proportions. The blue and white and Calyx ware platters are two of the most recent additions to my collection. The tea cups have been picked up across England and France and they are all miniature works of art by themselves, but together they make a remarkable statement. I had fun watching this picture get to over 400 likes. I know instagram doesn’t really mean anything, but it is fun to have a community that appreciates what I do.


I hope your week has gotten off to a happy start.


Brocante Treasures Car Boot Shopping

I have had a few people on Instagram ask “What is a car boot sale?” Since I have spent so much time at car boot sales this summer I thought I would share a little about my Car Boot Loot Shoots. In England the trunk of a car is called a boot. A boot sale is when sellers drive their cars into a field and sell their treasures from the boot, or trunk, of the car. Boot sales have a wide variety of products, similar to a garage sale. I have found a local boot sale that I visit whenever I have a free Saturday morning, my family even loves to join me. There is always something for the kids to find and I leave happy when I have all of this to come home with me!


The boot sale opens early, before 8 AM and people line up to get in. I am one of the crazy people there waiting in line. I was rewarded this morning when I found this great bread box and flour box first thing. It is hard to negotiate that early in the morning, the sellers know that there are plenty of shoppers coming, but thankfully the price was right.


This crate full of goodies is my favorite thing. I bring bubble wrap with me to the boot sale because I know I am going to buy as many old plates as possible.


The scale is in fantastic condition, I am always happy when I find a scale with the original tray. Old books are a standard buy for me. I usually don’t look that close until I get home. I am usually pleasantly surprised by the books when I get home.


Did you see this book peeking out of the last photo? It is a wallpaper sample book from 1953-1953. The samples are still intact and they are pretty special. You just never know what you are going to find at a boot sale.


I know I get comments on the volume I buy. some of these items will get integrated into our home and some will be heading back to Texas and be for sale. I am busy photographing and packing my suitcase for my upcoming trip.


Do you have a favorite treasure?

Brocante Treasures TX on Etsy, Coming Soon

The countdown is on for my trip to Texas. Here is a sneak peek of some of the treasures that will be coming back with me.

My Etsy shop, BrocanteTreasuresTX, will be open Saturday, September 23rd and all of these and more will be available for purchase. I have one more treasure hunting trip planned for this weekend, let me know if there is something special you would like me to look for.


Highclere Castle Vintage Garden Party

Did you watch Downton Abbey? If you love vintage then I am guessing the answer is yes. This weekend my husband and I attended the Vintage Garden Party at Highclere Castle, The Downton Abbey, and we had SO MUCH FUN! The whole process was fun and so very British. We spent a day in Bath earlier this month so that we could visit Vintage to Vogue, a vintage clothing store. Imren and John are the owners of this amazing little shop.  Jon and I played dress up and walked away prepared for our vintage dress up day. The theme was 1920’s, but our outfits skew more 1930’s vibes. I absolutely adored my authentic dress and hat, oh and the gloves too! If you would like to read more about the event from Lady Carnarvon herself you can check out her blog here. 


There are no pictures allowed in the house, but I will say that it is gorgeous in person. I was able to walk through 2 different times during the day. The second time I was basically on my own. On their highest day during the summer when they are open to guests they have had 1600 people through in 1 day. Getting to enjoy this amazing house by myself was something I will never forget. The views from the bedrooms are stunning. The walls, carvings and furniture are all from the show, but just a little bit different. The house is stunning and the fact that it is the backdrop to one of my all time favorite shows was incredible.

Here is more information about Highclere Castle.


Can we just talk about how handsome my man is? I love how enthusiastic he was about this whole adventure. Getting to spend a whole day with my husband was the best part of this whole thing. With 4 children and a busy schedule we don’t get to go on many dates, so I am thankful for this quality time. IMG_0715

I did manage to get a photo without my jacket on, even though it was frigid. This authentic 1930’s dress was so comfortable and I am already trying to find another occasion to wear it to. Maybe grocery shopping, ha! I did end up running to the grocery store at the end of the day in this full get up. Thankfully we are in England so it is not that unusual of a look.


This shot makes me so happy. Can you see the detail on the gloves? They are vintage leather gloves and they came in handy with the cold weather.

I have had a few people ask me about how I found this event. Highclere Castle has been advertising this event on their blog, Facebook and instagram. Jon, my husband, wanted to visit the Castle and when I saw this opportunity I knew it was a great chance for us. We planned this day date, found the clothes and enjoyed every minute. I encourage you to go out and support an event near you that looks like fun. I know not everyone lives an hour from Highclere Castle, but I am sure there are fun opportunities near you.  I will definitely be putting this event on the calendar for next year. IMG_0725

I did feel like a big kid when we rode on the carousel, but in a good way. Look at the view!


The display of vintage cars in front of the house was inspired.


I loved the hamper on the back of this car. So much vintage goodness here.


Lord Carnarvon’s Rolls Royce Phantom III (1936)  From the paper in front of the car.

“Charles Rolls visited Highclere Castle in 1898. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon (1866-1923) was a great motoring enthusiast and was known as ‘Motor’ Carnarvon. His collection extended to over 50 cars. This Rolls Royce was bought in 11936 by the 6th Earl of Carnarvon (1898-1987) After the Second World War, it was sold to a Danish museum and found its way through the hands of a German collector back to his grandson, the 8th Earl in 2012.”


As you can see from this picture, the wind was a bit extreme. This picture was one of the highlights of the day for me as we got to chat with Lady Carnarvon herself. Lady Carnarvon was so gracious during a very busy day to have several conversations with us. She has such a passion for Highclere and the history of the house and grounds. She is so involved in her community and trying to make it a better place. I love talking to people that have a passion.


I hope you enjoyed visiting this Vintage Garden Party with me.

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