Round Top is Coming

Last fall I was so happy to be a dealer at Marburger Farm in Round Top, Texas. We found out at the end of that show that we would be making the move to London. I put all of my treasures in storage not sure when I would see them again.

I am very happy to say that I will be flying back to Texas and setting up again at Marburger Farm. I will be in Tent A again at Ac8. The show is open from March 28-April 1 and they are celebrating 20 years of treasures with some fun events.


Here is a peak from my set up last fall. I will have a new selection of treasures from my travels, all of them with a history and usually an adventure with them.


I will be bringing a few treasures back with me from my most recent adventures. This was my haul from a weekend in Paris. I have also found some amazing pieces here in England.


Brocante Treasures was formed while I lived in France, grew in Texas and now is evolving in England. I love French treasures, but I really love history. All of my pieces have a story and I love to find the story behind each piece.


I am really excited about heading back to Texas and seeing friends and customers at the show. If you make it to Round Top be sure you stop by. I there is anything that you would like me to look for in the next couple of weeks be sure to send me a note. I will be doing a bit more treasure hunting before I head back to Texas.


Be sure to follow my adventures @BrocanteTreasures on instagram. I will be previewing some of the treasures I am bringing in the next couple of weeks.

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Battle of Hastings and Rye Adventure

As we have settled into our new home here in England we have found a new routine. On any day off that we do not have a birthday party or play date Jon and I find a place we would like to visit. Usually this means that I find a store or market I would like to visit and then I look for a place of historic significance that Jon would enjoy. I okay the plan with Jon, work out a plan.

This morning we were on the road and everyone was ready for a good time!

Depending on how far we are driving we stop for coffee at a service station. I have learned to pack a bag FULL of snacks and it saves us a small fortune on these days out.


Today we drove about 2 hours to the Battle of Hastings. This is the battle that happened in 1066 between William the Conqueror and King Harald. The Battle Abbey site is an English Heritage site, since we are members we knew that our entry would be free. The audio guides were also included. We weren’t sure what to expect for the grounds, but we were ready to explore.

The battlefield was very well marked  and we were so lucky to have a gorgeous day.


The audio guides kept the kid’s full attention. I am so thankful that they are able to use and appreciate these guides. They do such a great job and taking in information and helping them understand what happened.dsc_0259

Did I mention that we basically had the place to ourselves? So many times we have to fight crowds to see what we want to see, but today we were able to wander and listen to the stories and take it all in.


Jon led the boys on a charge up the hill as we continued wandering around the site. I love how much they all love history. Just look at that view!


And then look up. These are the ruins of the abbey that were built on the site of the battle. I never take blue skies for granted here. Just a few hours later we were dodging rain drops .dsc_0298



At the Battle of Hastings there is a great playground, that I didn’t get a picture of. The kids wanted to play on the playground so Jon stayed with them while I made a mad dash through the town. I visited little shops, found a few treasures and bought sandwiches for lunch. After we left Hastings we drove to Rye. We were able to eat our lunch on the way. That might not seem like a huge detail, but feeding a family of 6 for less than 20 pounds and with no melt downs is a major win in my day.

We decided to visit Rye after I read an article about the city in Reclaim magazine.

In Rye we climbed to the top of the church. It was not a great day at this point, but it was still beautiful. Seeing all of the bells on the way up was very interesting too.



The view from the top of the church in Rye.


Addie with her purchase from the Tiny Book Store.img_2532

Our afternoon snack was YUM!img_2545

A double rainbow on the way out of town.img_2558

There is just so much history every where you go here! We love it. img_2556

This former prison is a very interesting place to visit.img_2566

This door. img_2562

Here are my treasures from the Battle of Hastings and Rye. I love my treasure hunting adventures with my family. img_2560

The Lower Field

Our house that we are renting here in England is on a large piece of property. I love taking walks and exploring our little slice of heaven. I took this panoramic shot of the lower field a couple of weeks ago. We have only lived here in the fall and winter and I think this place is just gorgeous. The frost on the field the morning this photo was taken was breath taking. I will say that as the wildflowers start to bloom I can’t wait to see what spring and summer are going to look like here.



Warwick Castle

Since my last post we have moved into our rental home here in England. We are still getting settled and I am not quite ready to do a tour of the house. The antique markets here are done until after Christmas so I am at a stopping point for the holidays.

For now I am going to share today’s adventure. I love looking at pinterest for travel ideas. There was a list of Chateaux near Paris that was great for us to use as a guide. Today we used this list as our guide. We decided on Warwick Castle, loaded up the car and 1 hour and 20 minutes later we were parking.

The walk from the parking lot to the entrance was a bit long, and the littlest legs couldn’t keep up with our enthusiasm. I am happy to say we didn’t bring a stroller on this adventure and what a liberating feeling.


The crowds were fairly small today and we were able to enjoy many gorgeous views of the castle and grounds.


A trip down to the river was my favorite place.


This little bridge was something magical.


Inside the Great Hall I was of course drawn to the examples of china from the castle.


The Great Hall was going to be closed for a wedding in the afternoon. How gorgeous is this setting?!


Such a special place with so much history.


Shortly after I took this picture our littlest man held his arms up and I carried him up the next flight of stairs. Wow, he is getting big.


Stained glass always gets me. I love these pops of color from inside the castle. img_1328

My crazy crew! I love exploring with them.


The peacocks were fun to see around the castle grounds and we made our way to the peacock garden at the end of our visit.


Bennett was having a nice little visit with a peacock. dsc_0830

It was interesting to see how the peacock knew he was safe behind the fence.


A castle peaking out from the trees is so fun.



The trebuchet was great for the kids to see as they learn more about history and battles.



This is my super handsome husband in his element. He loves history and castles and spending time with his family. I am so thankful for him and the adventures we get to have together.


The sunset was amazing and I was thankful to be able to capture some of the beauty.


I hope you enjoyed this peak into today’s adventure. Our life is never boring and I love sharing all the fun we have.

Historical House Hunting in England

Last week we were able to go look at houses to find a place to live for the next couple of years. We had looked online and communicated with our agent about what we were hoping to find.  We had narrowed down our list and our agent had 10 showings lined up. She picked us up and loaded all 6 of us into her car. It was a very full day and many of the houses were a blur by the end of the day. I was trying to take pictures to share and to remember. I am sharing a few of our favorites that we will NOT be living in. Just a note that all of our house hunting was coordinated through a corporate relocation company and they have been a huge help.

The first house we looked at was The Cottage. It was one of the first properties I found online when we started looking. It was built in 1490! You read that right. This house is older than pretty much anything in the US. This house has 4 bedrooms and a huge yard. It had character for days and I loved it. It was a fantastic way to start off our house hunting. My Harry Potter obsessed daughter was in love with this property.


This was the main reception room, look at the size of the fireplace! Also of note, how low the ceilings were. dsc_0034

The old well that was in the backyard. So much charm!


All of the bedrooms had closets, not always a given in Europe. These closets were not standard by any means, but they would have worked nicely. The cabinet on the right holds a washer and dryer.


Here is the garden, Malachi was having fun exploring.


Every turn had something special, but we still had 9 more houses to see, so I snapped this last photo of the garden and set off for the car.



This is the garage for the cottage, you had to enter through the neighbor’s drive way. It was a bit odd, but lots of great storage space.dsc_0053

The next house dated back to 1750. The house had a unique layout, but had been updated very well over the years.


We ended up calling this house the chandelier house, can you guess why?


This was the sink in the large and functional laundry room.


Here is the kitchen, very nice, with an extra oven in the dining room. It sounds a little odd, but it worked.


I love the interesting details that we found in these old houses. These light switches were in the master bedroom. dsc_0067

Of all the newer homes this one was one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was right on a busy and loud road.


This house looked old, but was actually a newer build. There were some really neat features to this house, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right.dsc_0102

This house was a very new building built in a Tudor style. The craftsmanship was amazing and the attention to detail was remarkable. Again it was on a very buy road and had a very small backyard.  But look at those beams and that chandelier!dsc_0153

This was another very nice house, a more recent build with historic touches. Look at that yard, with a playhouse! The kitchen in this house was brand new, had never been cooked in. It was a very nice house for sure. In the US one of the first things you can find out about a house is what year it was built. For the historic homes I knew the age, but when I asked about the rest of the houses none of the agents had any idea. It is funny how I am used to having that piece of information, it tells you a lot about a house and what you can expect.


We had a lot of really great choices as you can see here. Viewing The Cottage was kind of like going to a museum.  We had a great day with our agent and we were able to get a feel for the area that we will be living in. The day was quite an adventure with this whole crew, but I did bring snacks which always helps.  I hope you enjoyed this virtual house hunting trip with me.


By the end of the day our choice was obvious. I will be sharing more about our home, if you want to see some sneak peeks visit my Instagram @brocantetreasures.

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Settling In

Every international move we have made has been a little different. When we moved to Norway the company leased the house for us and had it furnished and ready to move into. We spent one night in a hotel and then we moved straight to our home for the next 9 months.

When we moved to Paris we only had a short flight from Oslo, and we moved into an apartment we found on AirBNB. The apartment was in the city and was only an okay experience.

So far our experience in England has been very pleasant. We picked our temporary housing this time based on a few pictures on the internet and the general area of the property. We were able to get from the airport to our apartment relatively easily. A peek inside our apartment, I love all of the details.


The kitchen was stocked with enough food for dinner and breakfast so we didn’t have to go shopping until today. I am loving all of the fall foliage, but I am glad I am not responsible for cleaning up after all of these beautiful old trees.


I know this picture is a little dark of my kiddos, but the sky was so gorgeous. I was starting to get worried that I wasn’t going to see the sun at all today, a huge adjustment coming from Houston, Texas, but the sun came through for me.


And this is the view of the back of our rental property. We only have a small apartment in this building, but we are loving having such a huge lawn to enjoy. The building dates back to 1892 and has just the right amount of character and convenience.


Is anyone surprised I have started treasure hunting? We went out to get some groceries and a coffee pot and I found this pair of vintage brown transfer ware plates. I love these pieces so much and they will always have a special place in my collection since they were my first purchases.


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House Hunting in England

We are continuing on our adventure to England. This week the packers and movers came, our house is empty, it has been cleaned and will be going on the market next week. We got all of our pets to their new/temporary homes, dealt with one minor car accident (everyone is okay), sold 2 vehicles, said good bye to lots of friends, and packed 11 suitcases to take with us.

Here is a photo from my trip to England in September. I think the weather is going to be just a little bit different when we get there this time. I have my umbrella and our jackets within easy reach for when we land.


The next step is to get on a plane, with 4 children under the age of 10. Thankfully our kiddos are good travelers and we have a direct flight. Next week we will be house hunting in England! We receive a considerable about of assistance with this process through my husband’s company and I am always thankful for the local experts we get to the work with. We have already been in touch with several different people in the house hunting process and I can’t wait to get on the ground. We will be renting a home for our stay in England, but it is amazing how different the process is in each different country.

This is a property that we won’t be looking at because of the location (too far from the school), but isn’t she pretty!


If you have ever wanted to look at real estate in England the two best sites are and  There are some amazing homes available and I am looking forward to seeing them in person. I will be taking pictures as we go and sharing some of the more interesting properties we get to look at.

See you on the other side of the pond! Cheers!