Going Back to France

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to tell you that I am headed back to France next week on a quick trip. I will be visiting friends, sight seeing and of course, shopping! It is almost exactly 1 year since our family left France to move back to Texas.  We completely loved our time living in France and I am so happy that I get to go back.

I will be visiting as many of my favorite spots  as I can and collecting as many treasures as I can. I will aslo be taking pictures and sharing on my instagram @BrocanteTreasures.

As I was going back through our photos here are a couple of my favorites. Loot shoots and sight seeing are how I worked my way across France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. This trip will only be in France, but I will have some new adventures I can guarantee that.

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Road Trip to Greenville

Our family took a road trip from Texas to South Carolina last week. It was a long 15 hour trip, but it was worth it to be a part of the wedding of our good friend. We got to spend time in one of our new favorite cities, Greenville, South Carolina. Here are a few pictures from our trip. You may have seen some of these on my Instagram account, @BrocanteTreasures.

The giant gorgeous house is a vintage beauty that is for sale just outside of downtown Greenville. We love looking at houses and are always up for a quick real estate look when we are in a historic area. This house is listed for just $300,000, but when I talked to the realtor he said they have estimated the necessary renovations at an additional $350,000! The house is amazing and someone will have quite home when they are done.  The very last picture is most of my loot shoot.  I did have one more great stop on the way home in Georgia. When we are on a road trip I do my best to find stores to stop at when we stop for lunch, sometimes it works out. If you search “vintage” in the map then interesting stores pop up.

We are so thankful to have visited Greenville, been a part of the wedding of a dear friend, and had a little adventure. Our kids are amazing travelers and we all had a great time. I hope you enjoyed following along. Now I have to get ready for the Gypsy Market, shopping starts Friday!

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The Rendezvous at Round Top Bound

I am taking some time away from my preparations to give my two cents on visiting Round Top, Texas during Antique Week.  I lived in Houston for 3 years and never made my way out to the fields of treasures. When we moved to Europe and I started collecting my treasures my dream was to one day sell my treasures in those fields. I started researching the different venues while living in France and I found The Rendezvous.  I was immediately drawn to the field because of the French name and the feel of the pictures online.

Our move back to Texas and the progress of my container proved more challenging than I had first thought. Thankfully I was able to work with the owners of the field and I made my first trip to Round Top as a vendor, just not with a full container of treasures, but I still learned so much.

What I found at the Rendezvous was just what I had hoped for. The location is amazing, on the south end of Round Top, across from The Compound and just down from Marburger Farms. The farm house on the Rendezvous is a precious piece of history. The hammock in the trees out front, the picnic table and the beautiful lights surrounded by vintage and antique treasures is a little piece of heaven for me. The other vendors were so sweet to me at my very first show and my first time at Round Top. This year there are going to be so many exciting things happening.  I will be set up from March 24 through March 30.

Monday, March 28 there is an event planned with @wherewomencreate!  Come meet these brilliant creators and many more! @sandraevertson @kinassauer Brandi Harper with @spellboundcollections Gina Galvin with @peacockparkdesign Robin Brown from @magnoliapearl Jill Garber from @lenouveaurose Holly Kuhn with @oldgloryantiques Kaari Meng from @frenchgeneral Jen O’Conner with @jensearthangels, Amie & Jolie Sikes (a.k.a. @thejunkgypsies ) Tara Royer Steele (a.k.a. @thepiequeen ) Cheryl Evans Lehane @cherry_letane Celeste Shaw @celestershaw Anne Freund with @thegildedgypsies Jo Packham @jo_packham AND MORE! Happily hosted by @therendezvousroundtop @urbanhabitat409 @oldworldantieks and me @BrocanteTreasures. If you are near Round Top next Monday you NEED to stop by.

Here are some of my photos from last year and I will be sure to take more pictures this year and share when I get home.


To avoid traffic I was up and at the field early. The sunrise in the Texas country side is so gorgeous.


The conservatory is a beautiful landmark in Round Top. Did you it is also for sale?IMG_1292

The Rendezvous truck arrived with a fresh paint job.IMG_1330

In the evenings this was our view, the porch swing and the hammock are both very comfortable, I checked them both out.


The conservatory all decked out for a party. The Rendezvous crew knows how to throw a party!IMG_1349


The sign all lit up at night.IMG_1335

The view from across the street, what a beautiful place to be.IMG_1339


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