Canceled Plans but Not a Canceled Life

All the Canceled Things

Before COVID-19 entered our vocabulary cancel culture was a newer term that made me feel more middle aged that I would like to admit. Now that almost every single thing has literally been canceled we are living in a different kind of cancel culture.

We must remember that events have been canceled, very important events that we were all so excited about, and we are so disappointed to miss, but our life has not been canceled. Love and learning and creativity have not been canceled.

I am speaking to myself here as I sit home with 4 kiddos that are missing their teachers and friends. I love these kids, but I had also decided NOT to home school them for a reason. There is also a husband working from home, taking calls all day long! Look for photos of my new home office space on instagram.



I am looking at the calendar as we inch closer to what would have been Round Top Antiques Week Spring 2020. I was all set to sell at Marburger Farm again this spring. I have so many treasures collected for my shoppers. I also have so many friends that I only get to see during the show and now we are going to have to wait another 6 months before we get to catch up on all of our stories.


Resources During Downtime

While we are all finding a new normal I have decided to set a low bar, but a bar none the less for what I would like to accomplish during our canceled time.

Here are a few resources for online learning that I am using. Right now there are several offering freebies to get started.

Hopewriters.  I was a member of the HopeWriters community for a year and while I have taken a step back from the organization I absolutely value the learning and encouragement they share. If you have thoughts and feelings that you would like to share in the written word then spend some of the time you have on your hands learning from Tuesday Teachers and taking advantage fo the other resources they are sharing this week.

Mercy House There is a free Gratitude bundle from Mercy House. If you and your people need a check on your newly rocked world and a place to direct your focus then jump on this limited offer.

Jeane Oliver This incredible community of artists is an intimidating group for me. I do not consider myself an artist on the same level as some of these talents, but I love that welcome that Jeanne gives to so many. I have found ways to grow my artistic abilities through comprehensive that Jeanne offers and curates. Joining the community is free and there are free classes you can try out. There are always new classes being offered up.


Emily Lex A new website for Jones Design Company has offered us a new space to get to know Emily and take advantage of artistic education for the family. A few freebies are available, with classes for purchase as well.

Crossway the Bible verse I shared on Instagram this morning was a part of a bible verse card download.


Thrive Blogging Community If you are looking for a community to educate and encourage you while you build your blog audience there is a virtual conference coming in April. I was looking forward to attending this conference in person, but I will still be there at my computer learning all I can to help bring you the best product I can.

I can’t wait to see all of you again when we are able to gather together.

I am spending more time than I should over at @BrocanteTreasures on instagram.

Round Top Recap

Hello Everyone!

I wrote this Round Top Recap way back in October, and then I forgot to post it! Then I forgot to post anything for another 4 months. Ooops! I have been posting regularly over on Instagram @BrocanteTreasures.

I think that I have finally recovered from the adventure that is Antiques Week in Round Top, Texas. This Fall 2019 show was another HOT, HOT, HOT event. Spending 10 days outside in 90+ degree heat took its toll, but the fun was worth it all.


I had so much fun putting together my space at Marburger Farm Antiques Show. It is a labor of love for sure to bring all of my accumulated treasures under this tent and arrange them beautifully.

I had some special help early in set up, my husband and my daughter came out and helped me move furniture and unearth my inspiration.

After some time working hard we did make a stop by the Junk Gypsy Headquarters. Addie found herself a vintage suede jacket that is nothing short of amazing. The truly spectacular part will be when Texas cools off enough for her to enjoy wearing it.


One day during set up, my sister and I made our way to The Vintage Round Top for another installment of their Business, Branding and Social Media Workshop. I have attended 4 of these workshops, and I said I wasn’t going back this year, but the speakers fo the workshop were so good and I love Paige and Smoot. My friend Becki Griffin, did a great job talking about photography and styling, Julia Drake spoke about her PR firm in New York, and the fascinating work they do. Rachel Barrett spoke about her job being in the editor in chief at Country Living. The woman right here, Annie Sloan, of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was amazing. I traditionally have not enjoyed painting furniture, but Annie made me feel like I could transform anything with her paint.


Rachel Barrett came by to say hi at the show.


The real star of the show for me was my sister, Laura. Any time you see me at Antiques Week and I have fun full head of beautifully braided hair it is all thanks to Laura. Hair is Laura’s full time gig, I love that she comes out to Texas to help me and she works her magic on my hair while she is here.

There were so many beautiful treasures, some of them found new homes, others are still waiting for the right place. I so enjoyed being around all my beautiful things and getting to share their stories with my customers and friends.

I was so pleased to get a visit from Jeanne Oliver. I have been so inspired by Jeanne and it meant so much to have her make a visit to my corner while she explored Round Top.


It was a magical time of creativity and connection with fellow treasure hunters.


Until the Spring!

Just a month until the spring show. I will be back at Marburger Farm in Tent A March 31-April 4. Check back for a preview.


If you follow me on Instagram at @LoveVintageWillTravel or @BrocanteTreasures then you have probably seen most of these photos. We have been in our house almost 2 months now. We were very fortunate to get our shipment from storage the day after we closed. That meant we had a table and chairs, beds, and basic cooking and dining utensils.

Our shipment from England moved very quickly and we had the rest of our things less than a month after moving in. Within a week of getting our second shipment I had 95% of the boxes unpacked. Can I tell you we have a lot of stuff? I didn’t realize just how efficient I had been in gathering treasures until I was starting down 30 boxes of china in the dining room alone.

I have been able to get our house mostly settled, but I did have a few good reasons. I wanted the kids as settled as possible before they started school. Jon needed the office squared away so he can do his classes each week. I have an event coming up in October, setting up at Marburger Farm during Texas Antique Week in Round Top, TX. I do have quite a bit of practice unpacking and getting us all settled.

I love how the house is turning out, but I do have plans to move a few things around already. Musical furniture is one of my favorite games. For now I am working on getting pictures hung on the walls and all the books we have sorted around the house. I will have more pictures to come as we continue to get settled.

I try to always tag photos of our house with #HappyHiltonHouse if you are interested in seeing what I am doing with our latest home. Our last house in England was #ourdowerhouse if you are interested at all.


Back in Texas, Again

Wow, it has been 11 months since I last updated everyone here. The last time we met here I was living in England with my family. We were thoroughly enjoying our latest expat experience; tea and scones, walking our property with the deer and pheasants in our wellies, and having brilliant chats with our mates. While we were on holiday in Italy we got the news of our next move.  We had expressed to my husband’s company a desire to stay in England, go to another fabulous (or at least exotic) location, and if we had to, we would go back to Houston. When we found out we were moving back to Houston I had to work through a grieving process. It was unfortunate that the grieving process just happened to start as we were driving across Italy to return our rental vehicle and head home to England. The expat life is such a strange mix of exotic and every day.

We managed to finish the school year, get our house packed up, see the Queen, and say good bye to all of the wonderful friends we had made. One of my good friends said the hole we were leaving felt bigger than the 18 months we had been there. That made me cry and made so happy at the same time. Our family has moved a lot and we have always tried to jump into our new life. It is something that makes me so proud of our crew, but it does not make good byes any easier.

Just a picture I took of HRH Queen Elizabeth II!!! One of the coolest experiences of our expat life was at Dukes Lane, during Ascot week.

Now we are back in Texas. We landed just 2 months ago. We have been busy in those 2 months. It helps that we moved back to the same general area that we have lived in twice before. That means that we are back at our old church. We are in a new home. We worked with our amazing realtor (Rebecca Nelson) and we found a house. We made the offer and scheduled inspections and the appraisal.  After we landed we finally got to walk through what was going to be our home. We closed a week later and we are thrilled with our home and neighborhood. A neighbor brought over a welcome basket within minutes of us getting to our house. Win! My husband is back at his old office, but in a new role. He also has the added privilege of starting a masters degree during the week. Our kids have settled into their schools very well, making friends and keeping their teachers busy. Shadow, the cockapoo, made the flight and is adjusting to life in Texas. I call her our expat dog now and we laugh about what our posh little dog must think of all things Texas.

Our last day in The Dower House. So many special memories were made here. I am so proud of this crew. 


To say we have a lot on our plate seems like such a cliche, but it is always the way of things for us.

Many people have asked me how I feel about this move. I understand their question, and there are days I struggle with my response. In the end, I am so happy to be home in Texas. I have fought of thinking of Texas as home, but in the end this is where God has brought us home to. I am thankful for the friends that feel like family, the close proximity of family (we have already had visitors!), and a peace that we are just where we are meant to be.

In other exciting news, I am back at Brocante Treasures! I will be setting up, next month, at Marburger Farm Antique Show in Round Top, Texas during Antique Week. I feel so honored to be able to step back into this world that I love so much with my treasures that I have had so much fun collecting. I love getting to visit with my customers at the show and catching up with my fellow dealers is pure joy.

To address a few more questions that keep coming up: We do not have any plans to move any time soon, but I know better than to say I am never moving again. Our kids are getting older and not all of them deal with the transitions that our life has called for in as graceful way as I would like. Moving is tough even if you are moving to the coolest places on this beautiful Earth.

If you would like to follow our adventures on Instagram I have split off into 2 accounts again @LoveVintageWillTravel is where many photos of our family and our home end up. I am still sharing my antique dealer exploits at @BrocanteTreasures. There are going to be some fun times coming in the next month. I will be at the Gathering at Round Top, one of my most favorite events during Antique Week.

If you have any questions about shopping Round Top, expat life, repatriation, moving kids, moving dogs, or any other random topic I might have touched on please feel free to reach out.

Getting settled in our new home in Texas. I have unpacked ALL the boxes. So many boxes. It has been worth all the hard work to see our family settle in our new home. 

Round Top is Coming

Last fall I was so happy to be a dealer at Marburger Farm in Round Top, Texas. We found out at the end of that show that we would be making the move to London. I put all of my treasures in storage not sure when I would see them again.

I am very happy to say that I will be flying back to Texas and setting up again at Marburger Farm. I will be in Tent A again at Ac8. The show is open from March 28-April 1 and they are celebrating 20 years of treasures with some fun events.


Here is a peak from my set up last fall. I will have a new selection of treasures from my travels, all of them with a history and usually an adventure with them.


I will be bringing a few treasures back with me from my most recent adventures. This was my haul from a weekend in Paris. I have also found some amazing pieces here in England.


Brocante Treasures was formed while I lived in France, grew in Texas and now is evolving in England. I love French treasures, but I really love history. All of my pieces have a story and I love to find the story behind each piece.


I am really excited about heading back to Texas and seeing friends and customers at the show. If you make it to Round Top be sure you stop by. I there is anything that you would like me to look for in the next couple of weeks be sure to send me a note. I will be doing a bit more treasure hunting before I head back to Texas.


Be sure to follow my adventures @BrocanteTreasures on instagram. I will be previewing some of the treasures I am bringing in the next couple of weeks.

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Historical House Hunting in England

Last week we were able to go look at houses to find a place to live for the next couple of years. We had looked online and communicated with our agent about what we were hoping to find.  We had narrowed down our list and our agent had 10 showings lined up. She picked us up and loaded all 6 of us into her car. It was a very full day and many of the houses were a blur by the end of the day. I was trying to take pictures to share and to remember. I am sharing a few of our favorites that we will NOT be living in. Just a note that all of our house hunting was coordinated through a corporate relocation company and they have been a huge help.

The first house we looked at was The Cottage. It was one of the first properties I found online when we started looking. It was built in 1490! You read that right. This house is older than pretty much anything in the US. This house has 4 bedrooms and a huge yard. It had character for days and I loved it. It was a fantastic way to start off our house hunting. My Harry Potter obsessed daughter was in love with this property.


This was the main reception room, look at the size of the fireplace! Also of note, how low the ceilings were. dsc_0034

The old well that was in the backyard. So much charm!


All of the bedrooms had closets, not always a given in Europe. These closets were not standard by any means, but they would have worked nicely. The cabinet on the right holds a washer and dryer.


Here is the garden, Malachi was having fun exploring.


Every turn had something special, but we still had 9 more houses to see, so I snapped this last photo of the garden and set off for the car.



This is the garage for the cottage, you had to enter through the neighbor’s drive way. It was a bit odd, but lots of great storage space.dsc_0053

The next house dated back to 1750. The house had a unique layout, but had been updated very well over the years.


We ended up calling this house the chandelier house, can you guess why?


This was the sink in the large and functional laundry room.


Here is the kitchen, very nice, with an extra oven in the dining room. It sounds a little odd, but it worked.


I love the interesting details that we found in these old houses. These light switches were in the master bedroom. dsc_0067

Of all the newer homes this one was one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was right on a busy and loud road.


This house looked old, but was actually a newer build. There were some really neat features to this house, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right.dsc_0102

This house was a very new building built in a Tudor style. The craftsmanship was amazing and the attention to detail was remarkable. Again it was on a very buy road and had a very small backyard.  But look at those beams and that chandelier!dsc_0153

This was another very nice house, a more recent build with historic touches. Look at that yard, with a playhouse! The kitchen in this house was brand new, had never been cooked in. It was a very nice house for sure. In the US one of the first things you can find out about a house is what year it was built. For the historic homes I knew the age, but when I asked about the rest of the houses none of the agents had any idea. It is funny how I am used to having that piece of information, it tells you a lot about a house and what you can expect.


We had a lot of really great choices as you can see here. Viewing The Cottage was kind of like going to a museum.  We had a great day with our agent and we were able to get a feel for the area that we will be living in. The day was quite an adventure with this whole crew, but I did bring snacks which always helps.  I hope you enjoyed this virtual house hunting trip with me.


By the end of the day our choice was obvious. I will be sharing more about our home, if you want to see some sneak peeks visit my Instagram @brocantetreasures.

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Fall 2016 Marburger Recap

The past 10 days at Marburger Farm were just what I hoped they would be. It was intimidating and inspiring and so much work!  I am so thankful I had the opportunity. I took a few pictures to share with everyone that couldn’t make it to Round Top during Antique Week.

You can always follow me on Instagram @BrocanteTreasures, I post regularly there.

Here is a shot from just inside the gate on opening day. After 5 days of set up I was so excited and nervous about letting customers in. I love getting to the show early and taking it all in. The tents are a peaceful place before the sun rises and they fill with people.


Round Top, Texas is such a special place.


Look at that happy girl! This was opening day just before the bell rang. It was so fun to see all of the customers lining up and ready to shop.  Check out the #Marburger tag for lots of fun pictures.img_4318

And here is my booth on opening day. I worked so hard on this space and it paid off when the table sold before lunch! My lady is there in the background. I made her skirt to display vintage hankies. She was a big hit with everyone.img_4270

Gotta love a SOLD tag!img_4322

Here is the other side of my space. I packed a lot in to my space.img_4265


This big beautiful piece sold as well. img_4357

I had so much fun setting the table with the set of vintage Limoges, my amber glasses, all the assorted silverware and a two tone plate to top it all off. img_4268

My favorite little vignettes from this show were the ones I created inside my vintage copper pots. img_4277

Look at all the brass, perfect for fall. img_4352

A french scale with brass horse bookends was an eye catcher. img_4382

This stack of blue and white was so pretty, and a couple of pieces sold before the show even opened. img_4249

Another show stopper, my succulents in a tea cup. If you need a hostess gift then this is such a fun little option!img_4286

One more little corner of goodness tucked away.img_4254

Decorating for fall really is so fun, look at that pop of orange with mid century blue and white. img_4401

These mugs were made in England and are a more generous size than most vintage pieces. img_4391

I did very little shopping while out in Round Top, but I did find this sweet little kite from Brazil.img_4388

I wasn’t able to take pictures of any other vendors, but this is the display across from me. I did come home with something in this picture. Can you guess which piece? I will be sharing everything I bought next week. img_4366

And here is the sunset on closing day. It was gorgeous and a fitting end to an amazing show. I met so many great people, dealers and shoppers. I learned so much about the business, about design, and about what I am capable of. God moved in a big way for this to happen and he was with me through the whole thing. I am already working on ideas for the next show, March 28-April 1. Make plans now! dsc_0058

My next show will be right here in Spring, Texas at the Gypsy Market, October 20-22.  I love this close to home show and I will be bringing some really fun treasures to share.

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A Week in England

My husband was sent on a last minute trip to England for work and it happened to work out that I was able to go meet up with him! I had such an amazing time visiting England and spending some time with my husband. You can always follow along @BrocanteTreasures on Instagram to see my adventures as they happen.

I was able to visit a boot sale (a British garage sale), a local grocery store, the Sunbury Antiques Market, several charity shops, and the LAPADA Antique Fair. I explored the little town we were staying in, we saw old friends from our time in Oslo, visited Stonehenge, ate fish and chips and drank LOTS of tea.

I am trying to recover from jet lag now, but it was all worth it. I would definitely encourage you to travel if you are ever given the chance. Even if the trip seems a little crazy, GO! I have never regretted a trip taken and memories made.

I hope you enjoyed this quick recap of my week in England. I brought home a few treasures and you will be able to shop them soon, more news on that soon.

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My French Finds

If you have followed me on instagram (@BrocanteTreasures) then you have seen some of these photos. I had an amazing week in France and I found so many great treasures.

This little collection was my first purchase in France. I landed, got in my rental car, and drove to the Porte de Vanves. This HEAVY set of copper, poissionier, tin and brown transfer ware caught my eye. They were not marked, but it is always worth asking for a price. I was so happy to walk away with these treasures, but I also had to carry them for the entire shopping trip. I was well on my way to rebuilding my brocante muscles.


Children’s books in French, antique rebus plates, and an old pair of binoculars.IMG_1712

Would you believe that I was looking for a vintage toy sewing machine for a friend? I was so pleased to find these 2 waiting for me.IMG_1714

I found stacks of these vintage fashion magazines. The graphics are just amazing!IMG_1754

While in Paris I decided I needed a few more pieces of vintage clothing. There are a couple of shops on or near the Rue de Rivoli and I was in vintage clothing heaven. I bought 2 big bags and when I got home to try them on almost every single piece fit. I am thrilled and have already worn a couple of them.


After collecting my treasures in my rental car during the week I was finally able to unload everything when I made it to my place out in the country. This was my haul for the beginning of the week.DSC_0428DSC_0441

I love maps, and my customers always have too. I have a stack of vintage French maps just waiting for your ideas and projects.DSC_0443

These pieces of sheet music are more like pieces of art. I was able to get a stack of works still ready to play or waiting for your next project.DSC_0446

Copper, rebus plates, a statue, and a coffee grinder.


This set is currently available in my Esty Shop, Brocante Treasures TX. It is a petite little set, but absolutely gorgeous. IMG_2717

More of those itty bitty little smalls that are so intriguing, and easy to pack. DSC_0459

From my morning in Caen. Do you know what came home with me from this photo?DSC_0535

If you guessed the enamelware pitchers, you were correct! This Ouest France bank sign is amazing as well. Did you even notice the crate tucked in behind? I love my sidewalk loot shoots and the crazy looks I get from people. IMG_2009

Here is my one furniture purchase for the trip. It is a gorgeous plate rack. It is a good thing I have plenty of plates to fill it up with. IMG_2051

In one shop I almost missed this sweet enamel coffee pot, can you believe that?! If I have the time I love to walk around a store or a market from both directions. IMG_2102

Here are the treasures that will be making their way home to me at another time. See anything that catches your eye?IMG_2285

These two are not for sale, but aren’t they pretty? Brown is my color that I have decided to collect for myself and these pieces could not be left behind. IMG_2137

And of course, more buttons. IMG_2141

My very last purchase the morning I left. How adorable are these two? IMG_2181

I hope you enjoyed this extended loot shoot from my trip to France. If you see anything that caught your eye you can check on my Etsy page or contact me directly.

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Going Back to France

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to tell you that I am headed back to France next week on a quick trip. I will be visiting friends, sight seeing and of course, shopping! It is almost exactly 1 year since our family left France to move back to Texas.  We completely loved our time living in France and I am so happy that I get to go back.

I will be visiting as many of my favorite spots  as I can and collecting as many treasures as I can. I will aslo be taking pictures and sharing on my instagram @BrocanteTreasures.

As I was going back through our photos here are a couple of my favorites. Loot shoots and sight seeing are how I worked my way across France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. This trip will only be in France, but I will have some new adventures I can guarantee that.

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