Canceled Plans but Not a Canceled Life

All the Canceled Things

Before COVID-19 entered our vocabulary cancel culture was a newer term that made me feel more middle aged that I would like to admit. Now that almost every single thing has literally been canceled we are living in a different kind of cancel culture.

We must remember that events have been canceled, very important events that we were all so excited about, and we are so disappointed to miss, but our life has not been canceled. Love and learning and creativity have not been canceled.

I am speaking to myself here as I sit home with 4 kiddos that are missing their teachers and friends. I love these kids, but I had also decided NOT to home school them for a reason. There is also a husband working from home, taking calls all day long! Look for photos of my new home office space on instagram.



I am looking at the calendar as we inch closer to what would have been Round Top Antiques Week Spring 2020. I was all set to sell at Marburger Farm again this spring. I have so many treasures collected for my shoppers. I also have so many friends that I only get to see during the show and now we are going to have to wait another 6 months before we get to catch up on all of our stories.


Resources During Downtime

While we are all finding a new normal I have decided to set a low bar, but a bar none the less for what I would like to accomplish during our canceled time.

Here are a few resources for online learning that I am using. Right now there are several offering freebies to get started.

Hopewriters.  I was a member of the HopeWriters community for a year and while I have taken a step back from the organization I absolutely value the learning and encouragement they share. If you have thoughts and feelings that you would like to share in the written word then spend some of the time you have on your hands learning from Tuesday Teachers and taking advantage fo the other resources they are sharing this week.

Mercy House There is a free Gratitude bundle from Mercy House. If you and your people need a check on your newly rocked world and a place to direct your focus then jump on this limited offer.

Jeane Oliver This incredible community of artists is an intimidating group for me. I do not consider myself an artist on the same level as some of these talents, but I love that welcome that Jeanne gives to so many. I have found ways to grow my artistic abilities through comprehensive that Jeanne offers and curates. Joining the community is free and there are free classes you can try out. There are always new classes being offered up.


Emily Lex A new website for Jones Design Company has offered us a new space to get to know Emily and take advantage of artistic education for the family. A few freebies are available, with classes for purchase as well.

Crossway the Bible verse I shared on Instagram this morning was a part of a bible verse card download.


Thrive Blogging Community If you are looking for a community to educate and encourage you while you build your blog audience there is a virtual conference coming in April. I was looking forward to attending this conference in person, but I will still be there at my computer learning all I can to help bring you the best product I can.

I can’t wait to see all of you again when we are able to gather together.

I am spending more time than I should over at @BrocanteTreasures on instagram.

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