TopTenTips.pngI love Antique Week in Round Top, TX. The first time I showed up in Round Top I had a pick up load of treasures to sell and I was just figuring it out as I went.

From the first time I drove down highway 237 I felt an excitement and a peace that I had found my place. The first time my husband came to visit me he realized I had found my people.

As I have continued to shop and sell in Round Top during Antique Week I have met so many amazing people and found so many fun things. Here are my Top 10 Tips for a great experience.

1. The first thing you will need is the Antiques Show Guide. You can visit to find a way to get a copy of your own. Be sure to follow @goingtoroundtop on instagram, sign up for the newsletter and daily texts with the show schedule. The magazine has a comprehensive set of maps and show dates. It is also a beautiful collection of photos.



2.  Antiques Week in Round Top is all about the antiques, but as more people make their way to Round Top there are more activities to enjoy too. Special dinners, workshops, and gatherings are all over the area and there is something for everyone.

The Vintage Round Top Business, Branding and Social Media Workshop

Dinner and Dancing at the Boneyard with Local Roots Food Truck

The Gathering at Round Top

Farm Girls Supper Club @farmgirlssupperclub at @MarburgerFarm, benefiting @Dwell with Dignity.

Designer Dream Spree

 Junk Gypsy Gyspyville, Practical Magic, Front Porch Series and PROM!

Rancho Bazaar at Rancho Pillow

3. La Bahia opens Friday September 27 at 8 am. If you turn off of 290 onto 237 La Bahia is one of the first shows you will come to. One of my good friends was a dealer here and that is how it got added to my itinerary. I realized that every time I stopped by I found a treasure or two. My sister has had good luck here too. I still have a couple fo friends that set up here and they always bring a fun set up.

4. If you are looking for a place with gorgeous merchandise, air conditioning, bathrooms, and food trucks I would point you to the Compound. There are great vendors and great amenities.


5. Junk Gypsy Store, Amie and Jolie have created a special place in Round Top. There are fun t-shirts, amazing boots, and vintage finds. You never know exactly what you are going to find when you make your way into Gypsyville. There is a Practical Magic event on Saturday, September 28 from 6-9. Midnight Margaritas, Free Witch Hats, and lots of fun. The Junk Gypsies have started making a show t-shirt with a special design. You can get the design on a travel cup, shopping bag or sticker too.


6. Warrenton, The Fields.  This is a different kind of shopping. The displays are not as fancy, but if you are adventurous in your treasure hunting this is a great place to visit. Zapp Hall, Renck, The Chicken Ranch, and Bar W are just a few. My good friends and amazing dealers are at the Vintage Station on Pond Road in Bar W. I usually find a place to park and walk as far as a I can at any of these fields. The shopping starts at least a week sometimes 2 before the big shows start.

The Vintage Station, Bar W, Warrenton, Texas


7. Marburger Farm Antique Show is my home in Round Top. This is a special show, every dealer here is held to a high standard of vintage and antique pieces. The energy invested in the collecting, curating and display has always been a source of inspiration for me. There is a charge to shop at Marburger, $25 for opening day, October 1 from 10-2. $10 for the rest of the show. IF you are shopping opening day the gates open for parking at 8 am. From 8-10 there is tailgating with coffee and pastries, the local radio station, a photo op #marburger, and a few fun extras. If you come by Marburger stop by and see me in Tent A, spot a2.



8. Are you ready to shop yet? I recommend checking the weather, if there is any rain in the forecast I would recommend rain boots. I never enter the fields without some kind of boot on. My first show I heard someone say they had just killed another baby copperhead. Between the snakes, spiders and ants that normally inhabit the cow pastures filled with treasures I have always found cowboy boots to be both stylish and protective. Keep in mind there is a lot of walking if you do Antique Week right so make sure your shoes are comfy.


I would have sun screen, water, a tape measure and cash. Many dealers will take cards, but not all. There will be ATMs but you will pay fees. If you bring cash you can’t go wrong. If you think you might need shipping there are companies that can pick up and deliver bigger pieces of furniture, but you need to make sure you understand the costs before you have purchased the furniture. Antique shows are Final Sale situations. Distinguished Transport is one option that I know works through out Round Top.


9. If you want to eat at Royer’s Cafe during the show you need to make sure you make your reservations now. My personal favorite are the shrimp and grits. There is always Royer’s Pie Haven where you can get a slice of Pie.


Market Hill – Paul Michael has an amazing kitchen and hosts music acts too. Dinner and a show and plenty of friends make for a great end to a Round Top day. I am still friends with a woman in Austrailia. We sat that the same table for dinner and a concert, exchanged instagram handles and keep in touch. Antique Week people are my people.

10. Not too far from Round Top is a town called Carmine, (pronounced Car mean). Here you can find more shopping, great kolaches and coffee at Weikel’s Bakery and JW’s Steak House. Burton is  home to The Blue Willow Cafe and The Brazos Belle restaurants.



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