A Year Ago in Italy

A year ago our family was enjoying 10 days in Italy. We stayed in an Airbnb across the street from the coliseum and we had an amazing trip.


We had a guided kid-friendly tour of the Vatican with Europe4Kids.  I loved getting a more kid focused tour of this amazing location.IMG_5974

Even though Malachi looks unimpressed here, he retained so much more information from this visit than I thought he did.IMG_5978

The view from our apartment. That’s Addie and Jon down there. DSC_0794

Can you even believe this view? Here is the link to the aparment. IMG_5898

One more absolute favorite from our trip to Italy was our last stop, Castiglione del Lago, in Umbria. There were only a couple of other tourists, gorgeous views, amazing food and a great selection of Italian made souvenirs.


This year I was at Marburger Farm in Round Top, Texas for Antique Week. My amazing sister, Laura, came out again to help me set up and share my treasures. 9473E535-B784-4EAC-8910-D48B5280C5A7

We worked hard and played hard during our time. Don’t worry, I will do a full Marburger recap soon. XApwsov3T4SDXTD2umgD9w

After sharing so many stories from my travels during the antique show I thought I would share some of my favorite travel tips. I hope they are helpful.

One thought on “A Year Ago in Italy

  1. I love seeing your posts from Europe. I have been to Italy twice but it has been such a long time now… I can’t believe your air BNB was right across from the Coliseum! Wow! Thank you for sharing!


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