Repletion – My Word of the Year

Repletion – My Word of the Year

Have you joined the Word of the Year tradition? This is my third year to enjoy this literary hunt. I know everyone has a different take on how they choose their word. I wish I had a better story about how my words are chosen, but I generally just make lists, nothing new for me. I make lists of words that I find inspiring or challenging. I will admit that part of my goal with this search is to select a word that not everyone is going to have. I think that is part of the antique dealer in me, always looking for the most rare and unusual thing I can find. Just look at this loot shoot from our time in England. This was one morning of shopping at one of my favorite places on earth!


My first year that I remember picking a word and keeping it close was HUMILITY. Have you ever heard the saying not to ask God for patience because he will give you opportunities to practice? The same goes for humility. There were aspects of my life that I had no idea needed so much work, but they did. I was surprised how many times this word showed up in my life that year. This word still comes to me in not so comfortable, but definitely growth inducing, ways.

Humility 2017
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Last year I chose CAPACITY. It is not your typical word of the year word, but I knew this was my word. I wasn’t even sure what application it would have in my life. Looking back now I can see that last year was a year of living and working at near maximum capacity. We traveled, we spent time with friends, we moved (again), we reestablished our life here in Texas, my husband started grad school, and I still have four kids. I felt through the whole year that I was reaching my capacity. Being aware of this word helped me to respect my limits and not try to exceed my capacity when things got crazy.

Capacity 2018

This year I have chosen the word REPLETION. I didn’t know this word, I found it on a synonym list I was looking through for another word.

Repletion: the condition of being abundantly supplied or filled; fullness.

At the end of Psalm 23:5 it says ‘my cup overflows’. I love the idea that I am abundantly supplied, I am overflowing. I have more than I could have hoped for in my life, including my family, friends, memories, experiences, and antique plates.  I feel like my head and my heart are full of beautifully wrapped packages of my experiences and lessons, and now I am ready to start writing them out for other people to enjoy and learn from.


Going back to the box of delicious antique and vintage treasures at the top of the post, I look at that box and I think of Jon and the kids coming with me to the market and helping me carry things. My daughter’s developing eye at antique and vintage markets, that girl can spot a deal. I think of all the things I learned as I researched the pieces in the box. I think of the dealers and fellow shoppers that became friends as I traveled to markets around England. I can still feel the crisp chill that accompanied most mornings waiting for the gates to open. The sheep on the hill in the background, my rickety red rolling trolley (otherwise known as a cart here in America), and the pound coins jingling in my pocket are precious memories. Now these treasures grace our home or my shop or have been bestowed as gifts and they give me words. If you have talked to me you know the transition from England back to Texas has not been an easy one, but it is the path that God has clearly laid out for our family. Now it is my time to look for that next step here in Texas. The next person to love on, the next right thing.


Do you have a word? Do you have a process for choosing your word? Does anyone else use Here’s to the first full week of the new year and blog publishing goals being met. See you next week.