My Tea Cup Tree

I love tea cups. I grew up with a Mum that drinks tea at least twice a day, hot tea with whole milk of course.

While I lived in France and England I started collecting old china. I collected plates and platters, bowls and every kind of vintage china, but especially; tea cups. I adore a mismatch of colors, styles, patterns, and even condition. I have gathered a diverse group of tea cups and I have had fun finding ways to display their beauty. This picture is my absolute most popular photo on Instagram.


The last shot of my tea cups in England. This was our property at The Dower House, in England. This picture holds so many happy memories for my treasure hunting.


Last Christmas I decided to try something new for me. My shabby little black tree that I found at a boot sale was the perfect back drop. With the top hat perched on top this became my Mad Hatter Tea Party Tree. This spot in our conservatory in the Dower House in England made me so incredibly happy. The tree was safe and very visible.

This year we are back in Texas and I couldn’t find my top hat, so this estate sale cowboy hat came to the rescue. My daughter left her boots sitting by the tree, a danger of the tree being in our very high traffic entry way. When I saw the hat and boots this tree instantly became my Whiskey in a Tea Cup Tree. So many delicate tea cups gathered from around the world capped off with a classic symbol of Texas seemed just right this year.

We are still adjusting to our life back here in Texas. The kids are enjoying school, we have spent more time with family than we were able to in England, but every once in a while a memory hits and we all get a little homesick for a country that isn’t our home. England will always hold a piece of our hearts. I love that the tea cups are gorgeous reminders of France and England and Texas as I continue to add to one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

To recreate this look I recommend gathering as many tea cups as you can. I have over 40 tea cups on this tree. I would use a smaller scale tree, the black tree is sitting on a small trunk to give it height. Find a fun hat and a coordinating base. The ironstone with the black tree felt like the snow that we got to enjoy in England. The vintage tree skirt was a special find and adds even more color to our entry way here in Texas. There are so many amazing baskets and buckets that are perfect for a quirky little tree.

I hope you all have a very Merry Little Christmas.  See you next year!

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