Moving to France and Maternity Photos: A Memory

Don’t worry, this is not an announcement post. These pictures are from 2013, we were newly moved to Paris and I was expecting baby number 4. With our latest move back to Texas I have been reminiscing over our lives overseas and reliving some of our more difficult moves.

I promise there will be more pictures and stories about beautiful old things here.  Our family’s adventures are so closely connected to my antique adventures I feel the need to celebrate both here.

We made the move from Oslo, Norway to Paris, France when I was 7 months pregnant with Malachi (baby number four). We were in temporary housing for 3 weeks after we arrived in Paris. I was so worried about getting hugely pregnant, which I did, that I wanted maternity pictures taken as soon as possible. This is where I googled “english speaking photographer in Paris”. I looked through a few websites until I found Katie Donnelly Photography. I emailed Katie and we set a date for my maternity shoot.

I joke that part of the reason we had baby number 4 was pinterest. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. Our first three children came along before Pinterest or Instagram were really a thing. I remember seeing amazing maternity photos, but we never had the means to get those photos taken. Having three babies in 3 1/2 years and all of the life changes we had packed into those years hadn’t left room for fancy belly shots.

Once Katie and I settled on a day I got my hair cut. My stylist didn’t speak any English, but I walked away happy. A tiny miracle that I am so thankful for. I had to buy clothes and shoes for everyone as most of our things were still on their way to us from Norway.

It was August in Paris when these were taken and it was warm, but not as unbearable as it had been. The one thing about August in Paris is that most of the Parisians have gone somewhere else! We were able to park on the street not far from the Eiffel Tower (August is a great time to practice driving in the city with the lowered population).

We walked to this park under the Eiffel Tower and met Katie and Pyk. We chatted and had these amazing photos taken. We also made friends. Katie is an insanely talented photographer and a great friend. It has been such a blessing to see her business grow and her happiness in life. Katie is still living and working in Paris. I highly recommend booking a session with her if you are in Paris. Check out her work here.



Addison was 6, Bennett was 4 and Garrett was 2 1/2 here in these photos. Our little world travelers handled moving from Houston to Oslo to Paris with amazing ease080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_118-EditBW

I adore these little faces. I was probably not as patient on the day these photos were taken as I should have been. I try not to remember that, just how thankful I am to have these memories. 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_132-Edit

Oh, you know, just the Eiffel Tower in the background. Ha!



Can you spot my Lisa Leonard Necklace? I love having the names of the people I love with me. I had to get a new necklace after Malachi was born, I was a good customer for a while, ordering a new necklace every couple of years.


Here is proof that I was smart to get the maternity photos in as soon as I could. Malachi was the only baby to come after his due date and my biggest baby. Having a baby in a foreign country is a different post entirely.  This picture under the Eiffel Tower holds so many expat memories for us. We had moved into our house in Suresnes, but we did not have the gas turned on yet so we had no hot water. We made our way to the area near the Eiffel Tower and tried to find something to eat. We ended up at Lebanese restaurant. The food was amazing, they had wifi and they gave me baklava. Giving a pregnant woman a free dessert is a very quick way to her heart. We took this picture on the walk back to the car.




We hit the ground running with a long list of places we wanted to see as a family. This is Chateau Fontainebleau, and I remember painfully little from this visit. DSC_0993

Malachi had to be induced, we made it to the hospital and then decided to come back the next day after we had checked on a few things with our insurance. I love these belly shots from my ‘giant baby’.

I had always loved old things, but when I moved to France I found my true passion for antiques and history. All of my antiquing and exploring was done with my family in tow and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My family did not go on every shopping trip with me, but I did waddle my way through Paris markets. We took family trips to brocantes and chateaux. We explored as a family and grew together. Paris is where our family felt complete with the addition of Malachi. Having him in France was my biggest adventure.


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