Marburger Farm Fall 2018

You might have noticed I have been busy out at Antique Week in Round Top, Texas. I was a vendor at Marburger Farm Antique Show. This was my third time selling at Marburger, but the energy and excitement never gets old. Here are a few photos of the treasures I shared.


I know this seems like a random picture. That is my sister helping a customer and the woman in the white dress just happens to be Camila Alves Mcconaughey, Matthew Mcconaughey’s wife. She made the trip with 2 lucky fans. Camila runs Women of Today, an online space to encourage women. I got the chance to meet Camila and her guests, and it was a fun moment during an exciting opening day. NBu%PvwJRmOhIuheCgayPgzr%bL4peQQGtEzYgeeTCDwp49Sa4s6RimGp1+9grIKYQJR8a0iuNSo6hODvMkqcGMA

These tones are antique and vintage and perfect for fall. I love the mix of neutrals, ages, and textures that create an interesting mix. fullsizeoutput_bf75

English tea set and old French books, so much to love.fullsizeoutput_bfa4

Antique military mementos are so special, WWI and WII, French and English, I love it all!fullsizeoutput_bf7e

My sweet girl, Addison, came to help for a bit. I love her and how much she already loves vintage.

My amazing TX shirt is from Ramble and Company.  Addison is rocking her vintage skirt from France. She makes my momma heart so proud.


Here is my whole crew. I am so thankful the boys all got to see what I do. My husband is a trooper, he got them lunch, visited a few dealer friends, and my boys got to give me a hug. I needed those sweet little hugs. Just like that the whirling crazy of my everyday life was gone. XQDoda%6SUyc5iA%%ap4kQNBu%PvwJRmOhIuheCgayPg2kQDZtfYTFS0JnbJGZ4kCg Natalie Lange, (@natalieclange) an amazingly talented photography and the sweetest friend, stopped by and snapped a few photos while we chatted. The friends I get to visit with are one of my favorite parts of Antique Week.

Photo by Natalie Lange
Photo by Natalie Lange
Photo by Natalie Lange

Do you love enamelware? I sure do and this rainbow display was a colorful spot on hazy mornings in the field.JG2YYbADQ1qr8CvOdUBTaw



I couldn’t have done any of this without my amazing sister, Laura (@madam_bohemian). Laura is an incredibly talented hair stylist in Florida. I love that she gets to come and help me make magic at Marburger. Oh, and pie. Royers Pie Haven (@royerspiehaven) needs to be on your itinerary if you make it to Round Top. They are located right on Henkle Square and they are amazing! Strawberry Rhubarb is my personal favorite, but the Blueberry Lemon and the Junkberry will both do in a pinch. BcbitZcuSUe7eaigkB4pKw

Thanks for walking through Antique Week with Brocante Treasures.


I will be opening up my Etsy Shop, BrocanteTreasuresTX, soon. Follow here or on Instagram for first dibs on all the amazing treasures. If there is anything special you would like to see listed please feel free to get in touch.

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