Arthur Swallows Fair at Loseley Park

I love treasure hunting. I started in America looking for a good deal and a bit of history. I have shopped my way across France. I have waited for the bell at Norwegian lopped markets. I have bargained in German in Switzerland. I have explred markets in Spain. I shopped by flashlight in Belgium. And now I have chatted with sellers throughout England. I go to garage sales, vide greniers, vide maison, boot sales, lopped markets, brocantes, jumble sales, and any other kind of sale I could find. I love to dig through a dirty box to find the diamond at the bottom. Occasionally I get to clean up and head to a fancier market, where the collections are more curated and beautiful and usually, expensive. When I made my way to Guildford for the latest Arthur Swallows Vintage and Salvage fair I was expecting a lot of inspiration and not much actual shopping.

I loved that there was plenty of free parking at I pulled up just after noon on opening day. It is always nice to visit a fair just when it opens, knowing that you are seeing the best merchandise carefully displayed. I pulled out my camera and put my hair in a pony tail and started exploring. I made sure to ask permission before I took any pictures and credit is given where I have contact info. As I took photos I would see an item through the lens and go to take a closer room. I realized early on that I would not be leaving empty handed. The selection was phenomenal and the prices were very reasonable.

Here are a few of my favorite dealers from the day.

Antique Ideology was the first tent and they had a beautiful set up.

Sawdust and Rust had a happy eclectic mix.

Blackbird Collections (@blackbird.collections) was delightful. The succulents were so well suite to their vessels. The patina and colors on the metals were inspired.


I didn’t get this dealer’s name, he didn’t have a card or anything. What he did have was an AMAZING collection of door knockers, bells, and other hardware. These door knockers ranged in price from 35 to 500. I loved so many of them, but without a specific project I couldn’t pick just one.


Garden Classics was gorgeous.

Bohemian Rhapsody (@bohemianrhapsody) was one of my favorite displays. I loved the French flags, and the orange feather fan was delightful. Everywhere I looked there was something whimsical.

Chaleureuse (@chaleureuseuk) Copper and vintage maps equal perfection.

Jill Frost Vintage (@jillfrostvintage) The little painted BROCANTE sign wasn’t for sale (I asked). There were so many other treasures to find.

Shabby Jacques had a beautiful set up. Those seltzer bottles and embroidery were spot on.

Clare’s Vintage and Antiques caught my eye immediately. The enamelware collection was spot on. I brought home a few treasures from this space, can you guess which one?

Country Rustics had a beautiful set up, and she has a shop nearby in Guildford.

I was able to fit all of my finds in the car and race home to pick up my kids. I could have spent more time at this fair, but I am happy I got to do a bit of shopping.


Here is my loot shoot for the day. Some of the items were complete impulse buys. Others were no brainers, a giant white a pink enamelware pitcher, how could I leave that behind? The green and white panel is made of enamelware as well. It was a hearth on a fireplace. I have a special plan for this piece, one day.

I wish I could have shared every single dealer, there were so many amazing displays and treasures. If you ever get a chance to visit an Arthur Swallows Fair I highly recommend you make the trip.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through the vintage fair with me.


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