At The Country Brocante

On Saturday our family set out for another adventure. The directions took us cross country and it was fantastic.  This house was on our way and it was so pretty.  It was a great way to start out our adventure day. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out to take 4 kids, a puppy and a husband to an antique show. My family has come along for so  many of my shopping trips and they always find something to do and have fun. It was so nice to have an event where there were so many fun activities.


The Country Brocante was an event I found through Instagram. They hold events at different locations in England through out the year.  The promotion for the event on Instagram was very good and enticing, since it was only an hour away we decided to go. When we pulled up the parking lot the view was so intriguing. The Cowdray Estate is an historic site of a grand home. The ruins were a big draw for Jon and the kids.


My mini me ready for some treasure hunting and crafting.


Sorry for this blurry pic and the fact that I don’t have the owner’s name. He had a great space full of amazing French finds. This first tent was full of French Brocante style finds that were displayed so well. IMG_7860

I snapped this picture of the pillow because I love the colors. The workmanship on their pillows was really great. Sorry again I didn’t get their name.


Honeysuckle and Roses (@honeyseuckle_and_roses) had a fantastic set up, great French treasures and the owners were so very sweet.


More Honeysuckle and Roses. IMG_7864IMG_7866


A hat and the embroidered torch both came home with me. That ladder was amazing!IMG_7869

My other favorite dealer was with Ostrich and Silkworm (@ostrichandsilkworm). Her sweet pup had the best seat in the house for people watching.


More gorgeous French finds from Ostrich and Silkworm.



See that embroidered pansy in that basket? The table cloth is linen and the embroidery is incredible. I came home with that table cloth as well.


Besides all of the gorgeous vintage and antique items were the kids activities. The crown decorating table set in the ruins was perfect for our whole crew. IMG_7877

There was a small fee for the crafts, but so worth it.fullsizeoutput_c163

Malachi needed a little help, but even he had fun decorating his crown as well. fullsizeoutput_c165

Addison got to go to a class on basic stitching taught by Liz Jones (@lizjonesmakes). IMG_7897

In about an hour she was able to make this work of art! She is now passionate about creating with fabric and thread and I love it.IMG_7898

And before we left we all got ice cream from the on site truck. The ice cream was so good, and the view wasn’t bad either.  Garrett seemed pretty relaxed after a full day of shopping and crafts. fullsizeoutput_c167

We stopped at the little river outside the grounds for the kids to play. These kids love throwing rocks into water. DSC_0774

Malachi needed to ‘rinse off his boots’. He loved that he could walk into the water. DSC_0778

And then on the way home everyone was worn out, the best way to end an adventure. The gun was from a boot sale (British garage sale) we had visited early in the morning.  IMG_7912

Here are all of the purchases from The Country Brocante. I bought more than I thought I would, but I love it all! The yellow fabric is going to become pillows. Hopefully that project will get done before we move out of this house, Ha! The red embroidered B is on a piece of clothing that I am SO excited about. Now I just need the right event to debut that exciting find. fullsizeoutput_c18e

If you are in England and looking for a fun event for the whole family I highly recommend The Country Brocante. I have shopped at a lot of antique and vintage shows, and this was the best one that I have been to when it comes to the whole family, including our puppy. The crafts and food and historic location were perfect for all of us.


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