Nissim de Camondo Museum in Paris

For spring break this year our family decided to go back to France. We lived just outside of Paris for 2 years, our youngest child was born in France, and we still have friends living in the area. We were not traditional Paris tourists. We drove by our old house, we visited with our American friends in the suburbs (eating hot dogs and hamburgers and pizza). We were there over Easter so it was very special to get to visit our old church.

We did go by the Eiffel Tower, the kids played at the Jardin du Luxembourg, and we picked one museum to visit. We were on our way to the Louvre or the D’Orsay, but decided at the last minute to visit the Nissim de Camondo museum. I had never been to this museum, but I had always been told I NEEDED to see it. When I walked through the doors I understood why my friends had encouraged me to visit.

The kitchen at the Nissim de Camondo held so many treasures. My kids recognized so many things that I have collected over the years.




The house has a fascinating and somewhat tragic history. I recommend you visit the website here and read some of the history. The house and everything in it was donated as a museum when the son of the owner, Moise Camondo, was killed during World War I. Moise lived in the house until his death in 1935 when he turned it over to the city with the stipulation that everything remain where it was at that time. The museum staff has made every effort to honor these wishes. The house and its furnishings are truly remarkable.




I took so many photos, I was so inspired by this place. DSC_0413

To think that Moise lived here is interesting, but to know he lived here by himself is so sad.DSC_0418

The library is not an expansive library, but it was beautiful. Even Moise admitted before his death that he had neglected his library. There was commentary about the height of the top floor being decided by the wood paneled walls of the library. I love details like that. DSC_0443

Do you know what is right around the corner from the Nissim de Camondo Museum? Park Monceau. Not only does it have this gorgeous bridge, but it has a playground for the little people in your life. I was able to capture all of these images because my husband took all 4 of our littles to the playground while I got to spend as much time as I wanted to in the museum.


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Brocante Treasures at Marburger Farm Spring 2017

I still can’t believe that I get to write about my experience of being a vendor at Marburger Farm. I remember hearing about this amazing show and then shopping this spectacle with camera in hand. I was so inspired by so many of the vendors my first time visiting this show and now I call many of those vendors friends.

Here are the photos that my sister and I took of my booth over the course of the show. As things would sell we would rearrange and several evenings found us staying late to completely reset the space.


Opening day at Marburger is such an exciting time. The local radio is broadcasting live from the show and people start lining up 2 hours before opening to get in. The vendors have all spent so much time perfecting their look and the energy is just fun. Our morning started off pretty well when designer Emily Henderson stopped by to shop.  Emily was staying at the Vintage Round Top so we watched her insta story while Laura did my hair that morning. Emily was shopping with her team and Chairish Co. They were all so fun and nice and it was interesting to see what they were drawn to. You can see a picture of Emily Henderson and Anna Brockway shopping in my booth on Emily’s website.   They are having a special sale with pieces the team collected in Round Top so if you couldn’t make it to any of the shows there are hand selected amazing pieces available for you.


And here is Paige Hull of the Vintage Round Top. What an encouragement Paige and her husband, Smoot, have been to me. They are inspiring business people and kind people.

My super cute shirt was made by Momma B’s Work of Heart on Etsy. She is a friend of mine and I love how she was able to make my sister and I matching shirts. If only we could have gotten a picture of us together, oops. The shirts are still adorable.


Here are some of the treasures I had at the show. It is an eclectic mix of French, English and Texas treasures. I loved watching people get drawn into the space and then seeing them discover something special. I really do love my job.



I really couldn’t have made it through the week without my amazing sister. She was helpful and encouraging and fun! I enjoyed introducing her to some of my Round Top favorites, including Royer’s Pie for breakfast, Royer’s Cafe for dinner, Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Coffee, and JW’s Steakhouse.


I hope that you enjoyed this little walk through Brocante Treasures at Marburger Farm Spring 2017 show. If you ever have the chance to shop Round Top I highly recommend you make the trip. I love this little piece of Texas and I can’t wait for the fall show.


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Behind the Scenes of this Round Top Adventure

Just over 2 weeks ago I packed up 2 very full suitcases and got a plane bound for Houston, Texas. I was ready for my Round Top adventure. Round Top, Texas is the home of Antique Week held in the spring and fall of each year. This was my first time going to Round Top from overseas and I knew it would be challenging. Flying in and getting over the jet lag were just the first hurdles. I rented a 26′ Uhaul to transport my treasures from storage in Houston out to Round Top. I only had the truck and had to run all of my errands in the beast. I am so thankful that everything went according to plan while I was getting ready in Houston.

Besides getting to set up at Marburger Farm for the second time I had another exciting thing happen on this trip. We had decided to buy a house in the Round Top area for me to use as a home base. We found the house online, had our realtor look at it, made an offer, and signed all of the closing documents in England. While in Texas I drove my fully loaded beast of a truck to the closing and dropped off the documents, THEN I got to see our new cottage. Thankfully it all went well. I have had more than a few crazy looks while telling this story. This house is just part of the beauty around our new cottage. It isn’t much yet, but I am looking forward to working on the property.


The beast of a truck became a problem after a heavy rain storm when it got stuck, very stuck. My amazing neighbors tried to help pull me out, and when that didn’t work they let me borrow their extra car. There are still good people in the world that are nice just because they can be. I am so thankful for the new friends I made over this whole adventure. The truck did eventually get unstuck with some help from a friendly and genius tow truck driver. IMG_4160

Have you ever heard of the Vintage Round Top? The bed and breakfast they have in Round Top is adorable and they are a pretty amazing husband and wife team. They hosted a workshop in their newest cottage, Boho. The speakers they brought in were top notch and the networking was a lot of fun. I get teased that I follow (insta-stalk) people, but I just appreciate people that work hard and are good at what they do. At this workshop I got to meet so many people that I admire, including Paige and Smoot. It is worth the time, energy and money involved in growing as a business person. Small businesses are hard and any time you can help or be helped int his business is a good thing. I am looking forward to using the advice I got here to make my business better.


I have seen this cottage photographed so many times, getting to stand here and take this photo myself was so cool.IMG_4163

Here I am face timing with my Mom and my youngest. My Mom is amazing and flew to England for a whole month to help keep our home running. As a stay at home mom of four I didn’t realize just how much I did until I had to write it all down for someone else to do.

I did leave notes for each day for each of my family members. I wasn’t sure if it would help the kids, who I have never left for this long before. It turns out that the short notes were a huge hit with everyone, totally worth the time they took me to write and organize.


This is what a 12′ x 20′ spot with walls looks like at Marburger Farm when you first get there. At this point I was exhausted and still dealing with jet lag and HEAT. I felt unorganized and overwhelmed. The first day was just for covering the walls. I only got about 2/3 of the way done before I ran out of steam and left for the night. IMG_4150

This is what a 12′ x 20′ space looks like when you empty most of a 26′ truck into it. Yikes! On this day I worked for 13 hours unloading and getting things generally into place. It was a long day with crazy weather, but I was safe and dry and able to get so much done. I have more pictures to share of my finished space and how it evolved through the week. That post will be around soon. IMG_4157

Before the show started my reinforcements showed up in the form of my sister, Laura. She is a hairdresser in the Panhandle of Florida and she was a lifesaver. She loves all of my treasures as much as I do and she did some amazing up dos during the week. This day she did a retro look that was so much fun. IMG_4262

As you can see setting up at Marburger is not always fun and games. I have never seen people work as hard as they do in Round Top. I am always in awe of the creativity that comes together to make Antique Week happen. Marburger Farm is a very special group of people that bring their absolute best. I am honored to be among them and work side and side.

There were several really fun things that happened during the show, stay tuned for the next post!