My Paris Market Photo Shoot

Earlier this month I was able to go to Paris for a quick shopping trip. As part of the trip I had planned to meet my friend and fabulous photographer, Katie Donnelly. The plan was to shop and visit and take some photos and we were very successful. Katie had never been to the Porte de Vanves before, and I had a fantastic time showing her my favorite place to shop. We met at the coffee cart and started from there.


I will say now that I had planned on wearing a really cute vintage coat, but the weekend I ended up going there were flurries and freezing temperatures in Paris. I like to look cute, but with a weekend full of public transportation I knew that practicality would have to win over vanity this time. This is the jacket I bought when we lived in Norway and it kept me warm on my trip. It didn’t slow me down while treasure hunting.


Old books always stop me.


The Porte de Vanves seems like a little piece of chaos, but if you go as often as I did you start to know where different dealers set up. I remember buying something from a gentleman set up here, but I had to wait until his game was over. I love the complete disregard for customer service that I find quite often shopping in France. It helps me decide how bad I really want an item.


My happy place.


Just look at all of those treasures! So many amazing pieces and amazing stories here. 021116_hilton_amy_brocante_vanves_018

This plate is still a bit of a regret for me, it did not come home with me. I love old plates and this one was so special, just look at that fruit basket stamp on the back. 021116_hilton_amy_brocante_vanves_020

Here is the basket the plate came out of, can you even believe this amazing collection?

I had about 20 plates that I really wanted to take home with me, but apparently the dealer that had them really liked them too. Part of being able to do this means walking away when the deal isn’t right. I am so thankful to have the pictures to remember this moment.


After several hours of walking and talking and shopping Katie and I collected all of our treasures and made our way to the nearest cafe. We spent some time warming up and chatting and then we went outside for a few more photos. These pictures were really awkward for me, but Katie was a great coach.


Here is an up close shot of my broken china necklace. This is the back stamp off of a plate from a factory near Paris. The piece was a ‘talking plate’ made in the late 1800’s.  The plate broke when I had my container shipped from France to Texas. I saved the pieces and had this necklace, along with several others, made for me. I have worn this necklace for the last 3 years and I still love it. There is so much history in this necklace. I will have a whole line of broken china necklaces at Marburger with me next month. 021116_hilton_amy_brocante_vanves_027edit

I love Paris so much! I remember eating lunch at this very cafe with my sister after an epic shopping day.


And just to show you the treasures that did make it home with me, voila! I had to carry all of this home on the train with me and it was an adventure. Every piece here was so worth the adventure.


I hope you enjoyed this trip through the Porte de Vanves with me. If you are ever in Paris and would like to have your shopping adventure documented I highly recommend Katie Donnelly.


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12 thoughts on “My Paris Market Photo Shoot

  1. Love the pictures. Trying so hard to see all the details. I am so in love with the bird plate in the front of your take home goodies. All of the blue plates are wonderful. Are they really old-what is their story?


  2. Oh, I have to mention your necklace. what a great idea. It looks like you use the stamps from the back of the plates. How do you frame them, it was hard to tell looking at it.


  3. I love your broken china necklace. You had an amazing day in Paris with lovely photos to commemorate the day. My daughter and I visited Paris a few years ago and I want to go back and do nothing but shop. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us at Vintage Charm.


  4. Oh Amy, I wish I could have tagged along to the flea market. That’s on my Bucket List! For now, I’ll stick to estate sales but some day . . . Hugs, Pat @ Bringing French Country Home


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