Round Top is Coming

Last fall I was so happy to be a dealer at Marburger Farm in Round Top, Texas. We found out at the end of that show that we would be making the move to London. I put all of my treasures in storage not sure when I would see them again.

I am very happy to say that I will be flying back to Texas and setting up again at Marburger Farm. I will be in Tent A again at Ac8. The show is open from March 28-April 1 and they are celebrating 20 years of treasures with some fun events.


Here is a peak from my set up last fall. I will have a new selection of treasures from my travels, all of them with a history and usually an adventure with them.


I will be bringing a few treasures back with me from my most recent adventures. This was my haul from a weekend in Paris. I have also found some amazing pieces here in England.


Brocante Treasures was formed while I lived in France, grew in Texas and now is evolving in England. I love French treasures, but I really love history. All of my pieces have a story and I love to find the story behind each piece.


I am really excited about heading back to Texas and seeing friends and customers at the show. If you make it to Round Top be sure you stop by. I there is anything that you would like me to look for in the next couple of weeks be sure to send me a note. I will be doing a bit more treasure hunting before I head back to Texas.


Be sure to follow my adventures @BrocanteTreasures on instagram. I will be previewing some of the treasures I am bringing in the next couple of weeks.

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