Battle of Hastings and Rye Adventure

As we have settled into our new home here in England we have found a new routine. On any day off that we do not have a birthday party or play date Jon and I find a place we would like to visit. Usually this means that I find a store or market I would like to visit and then I look for a place of historic significance that Jon would enjoy. I okay the plan with Jon, work out a plan.

This morning we were on the road and everyone was ready for a good time!

Depending on how far we are driving we stop for coffee at a service station. I have learned to pack a bag FULL of snacks and it saves us a small fortune on these days out.


Today we drove about 2 hours to the Battle of Hastings. This is the battle that happened in 1066 between William the Conqueror and King Harald. The Battle Abbey site is an English Heritage site, since we are members we knew that our entry would be free. The audio guides were also included. We weren’t sure what to expect for the grounds, but we were ready to explore.

The battlefield was very well marked  and we were so lucky to have a gorgeous day.


The audio guides kept the kid’s full attention. I am so thankful that they are able to use and appreciate these guides. They do such a great job and taking in information and helping them understand what happened.dsc_0259

Did I mention that we basically had the place to ourselves? So many times we have to fight crowds to see what we want to see, but today we were able to wander and listen to the stories and take it all in.


Jon led the boys on a charge up the hill as we continued wandering around the site. I love how much they all love history. Just look at that view!


And then look up. These are the ruins of the abbey that were built on the site of the battle. I never take blue skies for granted here. Just a few hours later we were dodging rain drops .dsc_0298



At the Battle of Hastings there is a great playground, that I didn’t get a picture of. The kids wanted to play on the playground so Jon stayed with them while I made a mad dash through the town. I visited little shops, found a few treasures and bought sandwiches for lunch. After we left Hastings we drove to Rye. We were able to eat our lunch on the way. That might not seem like a huge detail, but feeding a family of 6 for less than 20 pounds and with no melt downs is a major win in my day.

We decided to visit Rye after I read an article about the city in Reclaim magazine.

In Rye we climbed to the top of the church. It was not a great day at this point, but it was still beautiful. Seeing all of the bells on the way up was very interesting too.



The view from the top of the church in Rye.


Addie with her purchase from the Tiny Book Store.img_2532

Our afternoon snack was YUM!img_2545

A double rainbow on the way out of town.img_2558

There is just so much history every where you go here! We love it. img_2556

This former prison is a very interesting place to visit.img_2566

This door. img_2562

Here are my treasures from the Battle of Hastings and Rye. I love my treasure hunting adventures with my family. img_2560

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