Warwick Castle

Since my last post we have moved into our rental home here in England. We are still getting settled and I am not quite ready to do a tour of the house. The antique markets here are done until after Christmas so I am at a stopping point for the holidays.

For now I am going to share today’s adventure. I love looking at pinterest for travel ideas. There was a list of Chateaux near Paris that was great for us to use as a guide. Today we used this list as our guide. We decided on Warwick Castle, loaded up the car and 1 hour and 20 minutes later we were parking.

The walk from the parking lot to the entrance was a bit long, and the littlest legs couldn’t keep up with our enthusiasm. I am happy to say we didn’t bring a stroller on this adventure and what a liberating feeling.


The crowds were fairly small today and we were able to enjoy many gorgeous views of the castle and grounds.


A trip down to the river was my favorite place.


This little bridge was something magical.


Inside the Great Hall I was of course drawn to the examples of china from the castle.


The Great Hall was going to be closed for a wedding in the afternoon. How gorgeous is this setting?!


Such a special place with so much history.


Shortly after I took this picture our littlest man held his arms up and I carried him up the next flight of stairs. Wow, he is getting big.


Stained glass always gets me. I love these pops of color from inside the castle. img_1328

My crazy crew! I love exploring with them.


The peacocks were fun to see around the castle grounds and we made our way to the peacock garden at the end of our visit.


Bennett was having a nice little visit with a peacock. dsc_0830

It was interesting to see how the peacock knew he was safe behind the fence.


A castle peaking out from the trees is so fun.



The trebuchet was great for the kids to see as they learn more about history and battles.



This is my super handsome husband in his element. He loves history and castles and spending time with his family. I am so thankful for him and the adventures we get to have together.


The sunset was amazing and I was thankful to be able to capture some of the beauty.


I hope you enjoyed this peak into today’s adventure. Our life is never boring and I love sharing all the fun we have.