Settling In

Every international move we have made has been a little different. When we moved to Norway the company leased the house for us and had it furnished and ready to move into. We spent one night in a hotel and then we moved straight to our home for the next 9 months.

When we moved to Paris we only had a short flight from Oslo, and we moved into an apartment we found on AirBNB. The apartment was in the city and was only an okay experience.

So far our experience in England has been very pleasant. We picked our temporary housing this time based on a few pictures on the internet and the general area of the property. We were able to get from the airport to our apartment relatively easily. A peek inside our apartment, I love all of the details.


The kitchen was stocked with enough food for dinner and breakfast so we didn’t have to go shopping until today. I am loving all of the fall foliage, but I am glad I am not responsible for cleaning up after all of these beautiful old trees.


I know this picture is a little dark of my kiddos, but the sky was so gorgeous. I was starting to get worried that I wasn’t going to see the sun at all today, a huge adjustment coming from Houston, Texas, but the sun came through for me.


And this is the view of the back of our rental property. We only have a small apartment in this building, but we are loving having such a huge lawn to enjoy. The building dates back to 1892 and has just the right amount of character and convenience.


Is anyone surprised I have started treasure hunting? We went out to get some groceries and a coffee pot and I found this pair of vintage brown transfer ware plates. I love these pieces so much and they will always have a special place in my collection since they were my first purchases.


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