House Hunting in England

We are continuing on our adventure to England. This week the packers and movers came, our house is empty, it has been cleaned and will be going on the market next week. We got all of our pets to their new/temporary homes, dealt with one minor car accident (everyone is okay), sold 2 vehicles, said good bye to lots of friends, and packed 11 suitcases to take with us.

Here is a photo from my trip to England in September. I think the weather is going to be just a little bit different when we get there this time. I have my umbrella and our jackets within easy reach for when we land.


The next step is to get on a plane, with 4 children under the age of 10. Thankfully our kiddos are good travelers and we have a direct flight. Next week we will be house hunting in England! We receive a considerable about of assistance with this process through my husband’s company and I am always thankful for the local experts we get to the work with. We have already been in touch with several different people in the house hunting process and I can’t wait to get on the ground. We will be renting a home for our stay in England, but it is amazing how different the process is in each different country.

This is a property that we won’t be looking at because of the location (too far from the school), but isn’t she pretty!


If you have ever wanted to look at real estate in England the two best sites are and  There are some amazing homes available and I am looking forward to seeing them in person. I will be taking pictures as we go and sharing some of the more interesting properties we get to look at.

See you on the other side of the pond! Cheers!

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