Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day is such a special day, a day that holds so many memories for our family. My father and mother both were in the Air Force, both of my brothers were in the Navy, and my amazing husband was in the Army for 5 years. We have so many other friends and family that have and are still serving our nation and I am in awe of the sacrifices made for our country.

Here are a few of our memories that run through my mind when I think back to Jon’s time in the military.

This was the day Jon deployed for the first time. We had been married for 16 months and Jon was getting ready to leave for a year.


Here we are in Florence during his R&R. We spent 15 days traveling around Italy together after his first 9 month stretch in Iraq. He had to leave and finish up 3 more months before he got to come home. This trip to Italy was AMAZING and cemented our love of traveling together. italy-2006-1320-florence-duomo

At the Welcome Home ball shortly after Jon came home.cameron-brooks2-007

Just one year later we were getting ready for his second deployment. This time around we had Addison. It was so much harder for Jon to say good bye to Addie.dsc_0026

We said good bye to Jon for 15 months this time. We did get to see him for R&R, but 15 months was a long time. A lot happens in the life of a little girl during 15 months, her first Christmas, her 1st birthday, her first steps, her second Christmas. I am thankful for the support system I had during that time. dsc_0170091

And here we are at the welcome home ceremony! This was one of the BEST days of my life. Having Jon home was

Shortly after this Jon left the Army and went into the civilian world. Our life has been crazy since we left the Army with more babies and plenty of moving, but at least we get to do it together.

I wouldn’t trade our time in the Army for anything though. I am so proud of what Jon did to protect our country and the friends we made are still like family to this day.

I am thankful for everyone that is still serving and sacrificing for our country. Enjoy your Veterans Day.


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