What I Bought in Round Top

I didn’t buy much when I was at Round Top, I was too busy working! I did pick out these two special pieces though. My purchases cam from Marburger, since I was setting up there I did look around some during breaks.  This hand tied quilt caught my eye immediately. It is a lap quilt and I absolutely love the colors. The matched pair of painted pieces are from a New Orleans mantel and they are painted on cypress wood. The hand painted charm of this pair  caught my eye as soon as they were brought into the tent. I was directly across from them at the show and had plenty of time to gaze at them as I worked. I knew if they didn’t find a home during the show that they would go home with me. These pieces will be able to find a place almost any where in my home, I love these colors!


The chair underneath was a purchase from the Waterloo Market in Belgium.

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