We’re Moving Again

If you have seen me at a show you might have heard the news, but I am now able to share the news. Our family is moving to England. My husband has accepted an assignment just outside of London and our family will be on our way, before Christmas!



It always amazes me how much time you spend waiting for an assignment to work out all of the details and then just like that we are on our way again. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy. I have lists of lists that I am working through right now, but we are SO excited about this opportunity.


I will be sharing what I can as we go. There will be lots of adventures and I am looking forward to taking you with me!

Here is our crew celebrating Halloween at our church last night. It will be crazy moving our family of 6 across the ocean again, but it is so worth it. This time will be different for us as our youngest is 3 years old now. The first time we moved overseas we had 3 kiddos, ages 5, 3, and 18 months. Then we moved to France with 3 kiddos under the age of 6 and I was 7 months pregnant, so fun. This move we are already planning the trips we are going to take and the places we want to visit.


The pictures of London are all from my last trip, just this past September. I don’t think the weather is going to be quite as nice when we get there.


And of course, there will be shopping. My plan is to come back in the Spring for Antique Week in Round Top, TX.  If there are any special items you would like me to look for let me know. These are just a few of the things I found while shopping this past September.


Happy Halloween!

Coming This Week – Gypsy Market

Starting Thursday night I will be set up at the Gypsy Market here in Spring, TX at the Klein Multi Purpose building. The building is on 2920, not far from the Grand Parkway. The doors open Thursday at 4, then all day Friday and all day Saturday. There are some truly great vendors and yummy food. There is an admission fee, but it is worth it.


I will have some of my treasures from France and England.

My broken china jewelry will be there too. These necklaces have so much character and are one of a kind. They make a great gift too.


As well as a few Texas treasures that I have found.




What I Bought in Round Top

I didn’t buy much when I was at Round Top, I was too busy working! I did pick out these two special pieces though. My purchases cam from Marburger, since I was setting up there I did look around some during breaks.  This hand tied quilt caught my eye immediately. It is a lap quilt and I absolutely love the colors. The matched pair of painted pieces are from a New Orleans mantel and they are painted on cypress wood. The hand painted charm of this pair  caught my eye as soon as they were brought into the tent. I was directly across from them at the show and had plenty of time to gaze at them as I worked. I knew if they didn’t find a home during the show that they would go home with me. These pieces will be able to find a place almost any where in my home, I love these colors!


The chair underneath was a purchase from the Waterloo Market in Belgium.

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Fall 2016 Marburger Recap

The past 10 days at Marburger Farm were just what I hoped they would be. It was intimidating and inspiring and so much work!  I am so thankful I had the opportunity. I took a few pictures to share with everyone that couldn’t make it to Round Top during Antique Week.

You can always follow me on Instagram @BrocanteTreasures, I post regularly there.

Here is a shot from just inside the gate on opening day. After 5 days of set up I was so excited and nervous about letting customers in. I love getting to the show early and taking it all in. The tents are a peaceful place before the sun rises and they fill with people.


Round Top, Texas is such a special place.


Look at that happy girl! This was opening day just before the bell rang. It was so fun to see all of the customers lining up and ready to shop.  Check out the #Marburger tag for lots of fun pictures.img_4318

And here is my booth on opening day. I worked so hard on this space and it paid off when the table sold before lunch! My lady is there in the background. I made her skirt to display vintage hankies. She was a big hit with everyone.img_4270

Gotta love a SOLD tag!img_4322

Here is the other side of my space. I packed a lot in to my space.img_4265


This big beautiful piece sold as well. img_4357

I had so much fun setting the table with the set of vintage Limoges, my amber glasses, all the assorted silverware and a two tone plate to top it all off. img_4268

My favorite little vignettes from this show were the ones I created inside my vintage copper pots. img_4277

Look at all the brass, perfect for fall. img_4352

A french scale with brass horse bookends was an eye catcher. img_4382

This stack of blue and white was so pretty, and a couple of pieces sold before the show even opened. img_4249

Another show stopper, my succulents in a tea cup. If you need a hostess gift then this is such a fun little option!img_4286

One more little corner of goodness tucked away.img_4254

Decorating for fall really is so fun, look at that pop of orange with mid century blue and white. img_4401

These mugs were made in England and are a more generous size than most vintage pieces. img_4391

I did very little shopping while out in Round Top, but I did find this sweet little kite from Brazil.img_4388

I wasn’t able to take pictures of any other vendors, but this is the display across from me. I did come home with something in this picture. Can you guess which piece? I will be sharing everything I bought next week. img_4366

And here is the sunset on closing day. It was gorgeous and a fitting end to an amazing show. I met so many great people, dealers and shoppers. I learned so much about the business, about design, and about what I am capable of. God moved in a big way for this to happen and he was with me through the whole thing. I am already working on ideas for the next show, March 28-April 1. Make plans now! dsc_0058

My next show will be right here in Spring, Texas at the Gypsy Market, October 20-22.  I love this close to home show and I will be bringing some really fun treasures to share.

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