Living the Dream

I am living my dream. My little business has been going for about a year now and I have learned so much. I have met so many great people, and I have had some adventures. My next big adventure starts this week with Round Top Antique Week. I had a spot to set up in Warranton originally, but with the threat of an impending move I canceled all of my plans. I even scheduled a surgery that I had been putting off. The surgery had a full 6 week recovery with lifting restrictions.  After that move was canceled I was very frustrated that I was going to miss out on the Fall Show. I didn’t have a place to sell or a place to stay and I was very weak from my recuperation. I was very frustrated with the whole situation and my poor husband heard about it on several occasions.


I finally decided to do something and I emailed Marburger Farm to see if they had any cancelations. I was put on a waiting list and didn’t really think about it, but I put it in God’s hands. Even my husband was praying for my spot at Marburger. Not a week later I was moving forward with a space at THE Marburger Farm Show!

God is so good and has provided an amazing place to stay along with working out all of the logistics for the next couple of weeks. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to set up at a great show. If you are going to Round Top I will be in Tent A, Aa12, at Marburger Farm September 27 – October 1.

If you are interested in seeing what the fuss is all about I went to Marburger Farm last fall and took some photos. The displays are incredible and I have high standards to meet with this show.  Here is a map of the show, there is a lot to see and some great shopping and food.



Here are a just a few loot shoots from France and England and a peak into my workshop. This plate rack is just in from Normandy, France and is absolutely gorgeous. I have french and english scales, enamelware for days, and so many books. I am working hard to bring as many amazing treasures as I can fit in a truck.

If you are there make sure you come by and see me. If there is something special you are looking for let me know and I will try and squeeze it in.



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