Recovering with Pinterest

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a quick bit of surgery on Thursday and I have been down since then. Today is the first day I have been able to get up and around and sit at the computer. I have been busy on my phone though. I have still been posting pictures on Instagram, mostly from my trip to France earlier in the summer. I have also been back on Pinterest. I forgot how much I love Pinterest, when I have time to really obsess. I have started following a few new people. I have added boards and I have been pinning like crazy. I love going back through old pins to see what I was looking at before and how my tastes have changed or stayed the same.

I love having boards dedicated to different upcoming events so that I can put all of my ideas on a page and then edit down to what I can actually make happen.

I love looking at ideas for projects that will never happen, but I also have quite a few boards for projects that we want to make happen. I love the beauty and encouragement that you can find on Pinterest. You can find my old Pinterest account under Amy Hilton, but I am currently pinning on Brocante Treasures.

Some of my instagram photos are here:

My view from my bed. My husband found this court cabinet at a brocante warehouse in France. This piece is huge and I love it and I love that my husband loves it. The collection of items on top are all special to us as well and it is a wonderful thing to get to look at for days on end.


My Sunday Round Up, a selection of 4 pictures from the last week. IMG_3190

I downloaded a new set of apps by Rhonna Designs. I am still learning how to use them, but I love being able to add text, borders and graphics to my pictures.


While looking for organization ideas for plastic bags I found this tutorial for neatly folding plastic bags. This idea seems so absurd to me, but to my mom it seems totally normal. This might be instituted for our children


My favorite hash tag party right now is #MagpieMonday. It is all about collections. I love wandering through my house and workshop to see what collections I have that I might not have noticed. I also love sharing the stories behind some of my favorite collections. This picture is in our dining room, I love this collection of mirrors.


I have been out of bed long enough now, I am going to go back to pinning and resting. I will hopefully be back with some inspired photos in the next week or so. Unfortunately my surgery was on my stomach so my lifting will be limited for 6 weeks! I am going to have to have to work around that limitation, thankfully I have lots of ‘pin’spiration!

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