Chateau Malmaison, The Bonaparte Home

When we lived in France we lived just outside the city limits. We had vehicles and we were able to explore the surrounding areas quite a bit. One of my favorite places just outside of Pairs is Chateau Malmaison, Josephine’s house. There are signs for this chateau, as it is tucked away in Rueil Malmaison. There is an informative audio guide that tells quite a bit of Josephine and Napoleon’s story, that revolves a great deal around this home.


Josephine purchased this home while Napoleon was on his campaign in Egypt. DSC_0240

Unfortunately the house and contents were auctioned off, after Josephine died, to pay her debtors.DSC_0242

They have done an incredible job of finding objects from the home and returning them or replacing them. Just look at these chairs.DSC_0244

This is the entry way to the home, I could spend all day here.IMG_2757

I have visited this chateau several times over the years, and each time I visit I see something new. There are so many details that I adore. DSC_0247

Even just this corner has so much to see. DSC_0250

The paintings on the walls are gorgeous. DSC_0251

Because of renovations all of the shutters for this room had to remain closed, so I couldn’t get a great photo. The floral paintings in this room are so inspiring.DSC_0255

An obelisk tucked in the backyard, a nod to Napoleon and his Egyptian escapades. DSC_0259

Statues and art are everyday. DSC_0260

This floor has been my favorite spot since the first time I saw it. The black and white floor with such an interesting pattern is just the best thing ever. DSC_0261

One of the staff members saw me listening attentively to my audio guide and taking pictures as I went. The staff person moved one of the barriers to that I could get in the right angle to take this shot. He didn’t speak any english, but he looked so pleased to have helped me. DSC_0263DSC_0264DSC_0265DSC_0266

I used one of the large mirrors to grab a quick selfie. DSC_0268

More little hand painted lovelies.DSC_0270

This room is what inspired my green velvet obsession. DSC_0271

Mr. Helpful returned and closed these doors for me so I could get the full affect. DSC_0274

This is Napoleon’s desk, it has a shelf that you can hide the documents you are working on in a moment. There is also a passage way from this room to his bedroom upstiars.DSC_0279

This painted ceiling is so special.DSC_0286

A detail of a candlabra. DSC_0289

This detail of the wood floors is so simple, yet so stunning.DSC_0292

Wonderful afternoon light.


A very handsome Napoleon bust, having a Mr. Dacrcy moment here. DSC_0310

One of four Napoleon Crossing the Alps that were commissioned, this painting is BIG.DSC_0311

Painted border.DSC_0314


Furniture detail.DSC_0318

The sconce with the painting detail, it is just gorgeous. DSC_0325

Unfortunately Josephine’s room was closed this visit. So the next stop were the gardens.

Here is a lemon tree, Josephine loved her lemonade.DSC_0327

Josephine was born on a Caribbean Island, and she brought her love of exotic plants with her. She was responsible for bring over 200 species of plants to France. At one time these gardens were amazing, they are slowly being brought back.DSC_0330

The grounds used to be quite expansive, while they are much smaller now than they used to be, it is still an oasis in a very busy world.DSC_0331

This statue was hidden out in the forest, there is always something else to see. DSC_0336

On my way back to the front I wandered through the gardens.DSC_0346

These gardens might not  be as grand as they once were, but they were still pretty beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in them.DSC_0347

I hope you enjoyed your tour through Chateau Malmaison.

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7 thoughts on “Chateau Malmaison, The Bonaparte Home

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. I too lived just outside the city limits of Paris (Montesson) and even had friends who lived in Ruel Malmaison and we just never made it to the Chateau.


  2. Thank you for sharing your visit to Chateau Malmaison at Vintage Charm. It is so beautiful and I am so happy that it is being preserved. It is so incredible that Josephine’ s possessions can still be located and returned to her home. My daughter and I missed it when we went to Paris a few years ago. Thankfully we did make it to Versailles.


  3. Good Thursday Morning! I just discovered your blog at Vintage Charm and enjoyed your visit to Josephine’s (dare I call it a house?). So glad I found you and will look forward to browsing back through your archives. I’d love to invite you to visit me at Thank you for the amazing tour . . . those floors, that window, the gardens. Sigh.


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