The Green Room


I took a few pictures of my Green Room today. I wanted to participate in a few hashtag parties and I realized this room fit a lot of different criteria. I also really love this room. Almost every single piece in this room is vintage and or thrifted. These pieces were gathered in Colorado, Texas, Spain, France and Belgium. The dark green velvet armchair was the first one I found. Next I found the two lighter green chairs. They are the same color buy different styles. The last chair, with the wooden frame, was found in Waterloo, Belgium. The pair of Paris sketches were found at a market in Barcelona, Spain. The hand written verse in the yellow frame was done by my friend, B & H Handmade Designs. The burlap and lace lampshade was found discarded on a French street as just a metal frame and I hand sewed the pieces on.

I love this is the first room you see when you enter our home. Even when everything else is a disaster, I am able to get this room to look good quickly. It is such a nice place for my husband and I to sit at the end of the day and catch up.

I hope you enjoyed this view into our home.


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