Garage Sale Treasure Hunting

I have been going to and hosting garage sales my whole life. Once I got to garage sale in Norway and France I took it to a whole new level. Now that we are back in Texas it can sometimes feel like a let down to garage sale. But if you know what you are looking for garage sales can be a wonderful source for treasures.

This is a loot shoot from the last month. I visited several different sales to find all of these treasures. IMG_9077

Do you see that mirror peaking out from under the rug? It is now on our mantel and looking quite lovely if I do say so myself.



A couple of weeks ago I visited a community garage sale and I found all of these treasures. IMG_9491

Here are my 5 Things to look for at garage sales.




I love mirrors and I use them anywhere I can. I look for mirrors with gilt or unique frames.

Vintage glassware


This amazing set of vintage bar ware came in the original carrier. I like to buy sets or individual pieces. As long as there are so cracks or chips the glasses can be grouped for a unique look.

Old books


Children’s books are always fun, text books are amusing, and any old book adds character sitting on a shelf.



French, English, and American ironstone looks gorgeous mixed together. The different sizes, shapes, and shades of white have so much character and can be used for so many different things.



In France I found so many vintage and antique clocks and I love my collection. I didn’t think I would be able to add to it, but I found this adorable little Big Ben clock at a local garage sale for a STEAL. This clock is in excellent condition and looks great with the rest of the crew.


If you look for what you like it is truly amazing what you can find. Pieces from around the world are not as rare as you might think, many people have moved or had a family member that has traveled. I like to talk to people and find out if there is a story behind the items. Sometimes they will go back to the garage and find more of what I have purchased.

What do you like to look for at garage sales?

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15 thoughts on “Garage Sale Treasure Hunting

  1. I have a little bit of a clock addiction myself. Which caused an issue when my husband thought it would be fun to wind them all one day. The ticking was enough to kill me 🙂 Great list!


  2. Amy, I like your list, and we Panoply sisters have each gravitated toward various items you’ve listed. SOme have done well for us (clocks, books, sometimes mirrors), some not so well (glass and ironstone, I know, hard to believe – unless it’s Blenko or Fiesta, both made in WV. We have other dealers who specialize in just those so we generally don’t compete). One thing we definitely have in common – the story behind things is always worth getting, and having the owner pass that along makes it that much more fun finding things. Great list, and great finding another like-minded huntress.


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