Vide Grenier: A French Garage Sale


Would you believe this is all from one French garage sale? While we lived in France for 2 years I visited many different types of sales, but in the end my favorite was the humble vide grenier. It means ’emptying the attic’ and that is certainly what they did. Communities come together and dedicate several streets to the sale. Families set up tables and sell their things, you just walk from table to table. For a treasure hunter like myself these were too much fun. This sale was in a community near the coast in Normandy. We had stayed in Juno Beach for the weekend and on the way home we stopped for me to shop. I was able to find all of these things in less than 2 hours. I filled my trusty Rolser bag that you can see in the picture and I had to evict Malachi from his stroller to use that as well, these old plates were heavy! The worst part about all of these was trying to fit all of this in an already full car, but I did it. While I was packing all of this up I had a French couple stop and ask me how much for the large stack of plates. Ha!IMG_2840

Now that I am back in Texas I still love to visit garage sales. Be sure to come back tomorrow and see what 5 things I look for when I am at a garage sale.

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