Local Thrifting for Souvenirs

I know I imported an entire container from France full of treasures, but I can not stop myself from visiting local thrift stores.  I found this treasure last week.  It was $.59 at a local Goodwill and I was unreasonably excited about finding it.  You see, we have visited that castle.  On our family trip to Zurich, Switzerland we made a day trip to the micro state of Lichtenstein.  This castle in Vaduz was closed when we made our trip in February, but we ate lunch outside, climbed through the woods nearby and took a family photo with the amazing Alps in the background.  It was a good day and  I love having this tiny little vase to remind me of that fun family adventure.


And here is that family photo!  Malachi was less than 4 months old on this trip, but I am so glad we didn’t let that slow us down.  And yes, we all coordinate.  DSC_0389_3

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