My Husband’s Favorite Find

My husband found this piece of furniture in a brocante warehouse that we visited together.  I went in first and looked around and the store and made my list of things to buy for the container.  Then Jon went into the store while I stayed in the car with our sleeping kiddos.  He came back out all excited about the huge piece of furniture with all the carving.  I hadn’t even noticed this!


I went back in and found this piece and looked closer.  When I realized how beautiful it was I knew we had to bring it home.


  This is how the whole piece looks in our room now.   It is HUGE, but our room seems to be able to take the size well.


The only quirky thing about this piece is the inside.  Thankfully it is totally fixable.  Someone spent a lot of time lining the entire inside of this piece of furniture with this vibrant orange material.  They even put ruffles on the edge of every shelf. It is just tacked in there so I will be able to remove it easily, I did want to document this  special characteristic.


And now it looks very elegant again with the doors closed.


This piece is so big that finding the right pieces for the top was important.  These books from France are some of my favorites.




This is a giant 20 kg scale.  It weighs a ton and is perfect for the top of this giant piece of furniture.



And here you go!  Now I just need to rip out all of the orange goodness on the inside and fill it up.


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15 thoughts on “My Husband’s Favorite Find

  1. What a find! I purchased a similar piece at auction a few years ago-but not as fancy-lacks all the carvings yours has. I believe it is called a court cupboard.


  2. That is one big beauty. The sc rolling on the wood is just beautiful. It takes you back to another era. I also like that big scale you have on top of the piece.


  3. Your husband has a good eye. This is one beautiful piece of furniture. I’m glad you shared that someone had taken the time to line the inside. Thank you so much for linking up to the very first Vintage Charm party. Hope to see you here every Thursday at 8:00 AM EST!


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