My Gypsy Market Recap

Last weekend I had the opportunity to set up a booth at the Gypsy Market held here in the Houston, Texas area. I had heard of this show before but never been able to visit.  I met the organizers of this event through a friend and I am so glad I took the chance on this show.  Setting up is a lot of work, and all of the details of working a show were worked out with some of my fist shoppers. All of these treasures were purchased in France, Belgium or Spain and are vintage or antique.

Here are a few pictures from through out the weekend.


I think my favorite part of the weekend was getting to meet so many amazing people.  When I started to talk about my treasures and where they came from and my time in France I found out about so many other people that had lived overseas.


I saw people light up when they got to share their expat experiences from around the world.


Watching someone find a treasure for themselves or someone they love is a wonderful experience.  I have always loved working in retail, but selling pieces that I truly love is even more satisfying.


I have a whole collection of vintage buttons and fashion magazines from the 20’s.  I loved looking through the buttons with customers and I found this amazing set of blue buttons.  It was so fun to hear about ideas that people had for using different vintage items.


During all of the craziness of my first show this little man turned 2!  He is the joyful baby of our family and we couldn’t love him more.


On the last day my neighbor vendor pulled this windows off of her trailer.  I had been so good to not shop during the whole show, but I have been looking for 2 more windows just like this.  I told her I was interested, but that I was going to wait until the end of the show, if they were still there I would buy them.  What do you know but the windows were waiting for me at the end of the day.  I am planning on hanging them this wee and I will have more pictures to share soon.


I have another Christmas market coming up in November, I will have a place at the Champion Forest Winter Wonderland Market on November 13 and 14. 

I still can’t believe that this is my JOB.  I get to talk to people and look at pretty things for my work.

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Brocante Treasures at Gypsy Market

I have been a little quiet this week because I have been getting ready for the Gypsy Market here in Spring, TX. The show opened last night and I am having so much fun. Here are a few pictures from my set up.


I brought baskets and copper.


More copper and ironstone.


This pitcher and basin looks lovely with the marble top table.


More copper!  This copper rack hanging off this old door makes me so happy.


I am feeling festive with red and aqua enamelware and dishes.


I brought lots of fun with me.


And finish off with an old tool box, ironstone, plaid and a Mercedes-Benz sign.


I will be at the Gypsy Market today and tomorrow so stop and see me.

I hope you have had a wonderful week!

My Husband’s Favorite Find

My husband found this piece of furniture in a brocante warehouse that we visited together.  I went in first and looked around and the store and made my list of things to buy for the container.  Then Jon went into the store while I stayed in the car with our sleeping kiddos.  He came back out all excited about the huge piece of furniture with all the carving.  I hadn’t even noticed this!


I went back in and found this piece and looked closer.  When I realized how beautiful it was I knew we had to bring it home.


  This is how the whole piece looks in our room now.   It is HUGE, but our room seems to be able to take the size well.


The only quirky thing about this piece is the inside.  Thankfully it is totally fixable.  Someone spent a lot of time lining the entire inside of this piece of furniture with this vibrant orange material.  They even put ruffles on the edge of every shelf. It is just tacked in there so I will be able to remove it easily, I did want to document this  special characteristic.


And now it looks very elegant again with the doors closed.


This piece is so big that finding the right pieces for the top was important.  These books from France are some of my favorites.




This is a giant 20 kg scale.  It weighs a ton and is perfect for the top of this giant piece of furniture.



And here you go!  Now I just need to rip out all of the orange goodness on the inside and fill it up.


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Moving In

This week I loaded up our truck, a couple of times, and took a bunch of treasures to the Whispering Willow and Co in Tomball.  I had my youngest kiddo with me and he tried his best to help, but at 3 weeks shy of 2 years old he was not much help. After 2 full loads this is what my space looked like.  Thankfully the shop was closed for a revamp day so I didn’t have to worry about customers hurting themselves trying to get to the treasures. I went home and fixed dinner and then I came back by myself to make it pretty.


After a couple of hours and a lot of work this is what I came up with.  There are all kinds of treasures tucked in here and there.  I love all of these treasures myself as I traveled and it is a little hard, but mostly just rewarding that people like them.


If you are in the Houston area come on our to the Whispering Willow and Co at 305 Market Street in Tomball, TX.  You can find them on Facebook and Instagram (@whisperingwillowco).

Living the Dream

As I collected treasures through out France my ultimate goal was to sell them at Round Top, TX during Antique week.  I was fortunate enough to find a field that was willing to give me a chance and I was assured by my customs broker that my container would be in with plenty of time to go to the show.  As we got closer to show time my container still wasn’t in and I had to make a decision.  I decided to pack up the few things I had at my house to sell and I drove out to Round Top.


As I pulled on to Highway 237, the main road through the fields of dreams that make up Antique week, I started to cry.  To even have the opportunity to visit Round Top, let alone be a dealer was absolutely a dream come true for me.


I made it to the Rendezvous and set up my tent. Here are a few things that I brought with me.


Here is my corner cabinet with some of my French crocks.


Scales, torchons, old jars, and Le Creuset.


One of my looks for the show week. I did wear boots all week in the 90* weather after a couple of snake sightings in our field.


I was not staying at the field so I had to get up and drive in each day.  I was up early to beat any traffic and I was rewarded with beautiful sunrises over the fields.


Glenn, one of the other dealers had amazing signs.


How fun is this old pharmacy sign?


The Rendezvous is well known for the Conservatory. In the spring they host “Where Women Create” classes in here.


This hammock was well used during the week.  It was 90* and up all week and this hammock was in the shade of a beautiful old tree.  It was the most pleasant place to be.


This old truck is for sale and more great old signs.


One evening the Rendezvous hosted a party.  The Conservatory was transformed with lights and filled with a yummy taco bar.


There were beverages of course.


The sign all lit up on the fence with the precious farm house in the background. Did I mention the Junk Gypsy crew came to the party?  I was too excited to be able to have a normal conversation with them, but they seemed like a great group of people.


And from across the street I just love this shot.   You could hear the band over here and it was such a great way for me to take it all in.


It truly was an amazing week.  I learned so much and met so many wonderful people. The Rendezvous is a small show, but it is growing and there are going to be some amazing things happening there.  The owners are fun people with lots of ideas and lots of enthusiasm. If you are looking for a place to stay in Round Top there are cabins on this property that you can see here. The Rendezvous is across the street from Marburger Farms and the new venue The Compound.  Go ahead and put the spring show on your calendar, March 24-30 and make plans to visit Texas Antique Week.  I’ll see you there.

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