Brocante Treasures Set Up

Things have been a little wild around our house this week. We are on the second and final week of my husband’s business travel. Our kittens are adjusting well to life in our house, here is Gus Gus.  And my business supplies have been rolling in.


I have my banner, my tent, but NOT my container.  For some reason my container is getting some extra attention.  I am hoping to have my container and all of my treasures here as soon as possible, but while I wait for my container I decided to try out my tent and banner and some of the treasures I have on hand.


The person I bought the tent from said it was possible for 1 person to set up.  I would question their judgement, but I did get the tent up by myself.


I had so much fun gathering treasures from my workshop.


All of these pieces make me so happy.


Can you feel the warmth of fall?  I was feeling the blazing heat of a Texas afternoon, but it was still fun.


This French flag is one of my favorite finds, it came from the Porte de Vanves in Paris.  I felt very patriotic that day carrying the flag through the market.


If my container gets here any time soon I will be making a trip out to Round Top to share all of the French goodness. IF I can make all that happen I will be sharing the where and when.

You can always check out some of my treasures on Etsy.

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