Marburger Farm Fall 2015

Through some good luck I got a voucher for FREE early shopping entry to Marburger this year. I got up really early, left Houston while it was still dark and drove out to Round Top.  My shopping buddy and I were ready and waiting when the bell rang at Marburger at 10 AM.  One of the first places we stopped was Cottonseed Trading Company.  Their displays were AMAZING.








This vendor didn’t have any cards or their name up, but their displays were inspired.









There were several places with fantastic cowboy boots.  We are in Texas.




This sweet puppy was sound asleep and so sweet.


These bags and jewelry were so tempting.


This bag ALMOST came home with me and I kind of wish I had gone back for it, but I am sure it will find a nice home.



More cowboy boots.





I met these sweet ladies earlier in the week and they were so nice.  It was so fun to see their booth all put together.










This booth belongs to an instagram friend of mine, William Holcomb @holcombwilliam.  I recognized his name on his name tag and I felt like a complete fan girl, but it was fun.





We made it through several tents and then we were HUNGRY.  The lines weren’t long yet so we hopped in line.


This team was moving FAST.


Before we knew it the pizza was being pulled out of the oven.


If you are at Marburger this year I recommend the Margarita Pizza.


This booth was a pretty primitive space.  I love the doors for the entry way.


This bench, I love it.


The crock finished the display nicely.


One of my last stops was the revisit this booth.  These trophies were just perfection sitting there.


I saw so many amazing booths and met so many fun people.

@PerspectiveDesign on Instagram was another amazing display.

Alisanne Wonderland on Facebook just got a container shipped over from France too.

If you ever get the chance to visit Marburger then you need to go.

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Brocante Treasures Set Up

Things have been a little wild around our house this week. We are on the second and final week of my husband’s business travel. Our kittens are adjusting well to life in our house, here is Gus Gus.  And my business supplies have been rolling in.


I have my banner, my tent, but NOT my container.  For some reason my container is getting some extra attention.  I am hoping to have my container and all of my treasures here as soon as possible, but while I wait for my container I decided to try out my tent and banner and some of the treasures I have on hand.


The person I bought the tent from said it was possible for 1 person to set up.  I would question their judgement, but I did get the tent up by myself.


I had so much fun gathering treasures from my workshop.


All of these pieces make me so happy.


Can you feel the warmth of fall?  I was feeling the blazing heat of a Texas afternoon, but it was still fun.


This French flag is one of my favorite finds, it came from the Porte de Vanves in Paris.  I felt very patriotic that day carrying the flag through the market.


If my container gets here any time soon I will be making a trip out to Round Top to share all of the French goodness. IF I can make all that happen I will be sharing the where and when.

You can always check out some of my treasures on Etsy.

My Favorite Corner in the Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as do most moms.  I have been working hard to get the kitchen working for me, but I also want it to be pretty.  I have seen so many images of gorgeous kitchens I have been inspired.  When we were looking for a house I dreamed of beautiful white cabinets and I am so thankful to have found a house with white cabinets and a beautiful backsplash to show off all of my finds.

This scale was a find from the Waterloo Brocante in Belgium.  This scale is so HEAVY, I could barely get it to the car.  The day I bought this scale the vendor had 2, but I only had room for this one.  I still think about the other scale that I had to walk away from.  The torchons, or kitchen towels were collected around France and Belgium on our adventures.  The little enamelware pot with lid is another of my favorite pieces with the red and yellow checks.

This set of cabinets holds my brown transfer ware collection.


I found a complete set of brown transfer ware while we lived in Norway, but pretty much everything else is from France and Belgium.


Here is most of my collection.


I love this giant platter.  I found this giant plate at a brocante in downtown Paris.


I love having all of these dishes in the kitchen where I can see them everyday.


This last cabinet holds my red transfer ware that belonged to my great grandmother.  My Great Grammy Amy, who I was named after, collected this set and it was passed down to me just a couple of years ago.


I love how all of these pieces fit in this cabinet.


I think these two collections work so well together and they make me happy.


Here is one of my little helpers trying to stage my props for me.


And here is my favorite corner of my kitchen.


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What’s New on Etsy

I was finally able to add a couple more items to my Etsy shop and here they are.  This French Vintage Enamelware pot is one of my favorite finds.  The vintage Le Creuset pot is so petite and in great condition and the picnic blanket is such a fun combination of pink, red, yellow and navy blue.  The blanket would be perfect for a picnic or to add a fun pop of color to any vignette.


I had fun staging all of the items in our new backyard.


I loved our backyard in France for product shots, but I think this backyard is going to work out pretty well also.


I wonder if my new neighbors think I am as crazy as my French neighbors, dragging old French things out in the backyard and taking pictures of them.


It’s a good thing I don’t care if people think I am a little bit crazy.


These items have been listed in my Etsy shop,


Unfortunately this little gem has already been purchased.  There are still some great treasures available.


My Living Room Wall

Our Labor Day was a relaxing time with a visit with family.  When my mom is here we always work on a project or two. We finished this wall in the living room.  I have been working on this wall since we moved in, but it just hasn’t been working for me.  With some help I was able to get everything together and now I LOVE it.  This is my view while I do dishes so it is important it is pretty.

The doors are a trash treasure from my neighbor in France.  They were a part of a closet that broke and my neighbor, Alain, was throwing them away.  My mom and I ran over in the dark and asked if we could take them.  Alain was very sweet, but he thought we were CRAZY.  These doors are the perfect size for twin head boards and that is how they were used in our house in France for some time.  Now they make me happy every time I walk in my living room.


These lamps make me so happy.  I found them at Tuesday Morning after looking for lamps for almost 3 months. I love them so much.


This painting is a find from the Porte de Vanves in Paris during one of my many weekend trips into the city when we lived in France.  Every time I look at this painting I think of all the fun shopping times I had at that market.


This mirror is a recent find from a thrift store.  I love the shape of the mirror and the way it finishes off this wall.


My leather sectional is from Arhus and we have been very happy with the quality so far.  It is a large couch which is good because we have a large family and we spend a lot of time in here together.

Thank you for visiting my living with me today.


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