Our Busy Summer

I haven’t been around much lately and that is thanks to our BUSY summer.

In June our family packed up our home in Paris, said our good bye’s to this amazing city.  We were able to fit in one last photo shoot with our beloved Katie Donnelly and I will be sharing more of those photos soon. Then it was time to head back to Texas.

Photo Credit Katie Donnelly Photography

We landed in Texas, but we didn’t stay there long.  We had to drive to Florida so we could watch my little sister get married! This was my look for the wedding, we don’t have any of the official pictures back just yet.  This picture also shows our new truck!  This big guy is going to be great for moving all of my treasures where I need them to go.


Then it was back to Texas to get settled in our house and start school.  T

This picture was taken at the Texas Welcome Center, ‘Watch for Snakes’ makes for quite the welcome.


My favorite view right now is our backyard, yes this is our backyard in our new house.  We are all LOVING our pool and have spent as much time as possible out there.  I have been busy getting boxes unpacked in the house.  All of our personal goods are here, but I still have one container coming.  That is my container full of goodies to share! Furniture, copper, Limoges, enamelware and much more is on its way to my workshop in Houston, Texas.


Right now I am planning on debuting at The Rendezvous at Round Top for a limited time.  I will let you know the dates as we get closer.  This is something that I have dreamed of for so long, I can not believe it is happening.

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