My Last Vide Grenier Before the Move

The movers come on a week and people think I am crazy, but I just had to visit one last market today.  Our town had their annual vide grenier, and these are always my favorite places to shop.  It was a family affair this morning.  The whole family was ready for church so we could leave straight from the market to go to church.  This photos were all taken after we got home from church and I had some more help from my littlest man.


My first buy was the tea kettle at the bottom, I now have 7 or 8 in similar styles and sizes. I am going to have a lot of scrubbing to do when we are moved back and settled.


My next stop brought the two pink enamel pots with lids, the blue enamel pot with lid and the turquoise scale.  I couldn’t get these in my bag fast enough.  And just like that, 5 minutes in to shopping my rolling market bag was full.  I pushed on knowing that if I found anything else I would find a way to bring it home.


As you can see I did manage to find a way to bring a few more things home.


The enamel numbers were a great find, there is a little Spode set tucked into the great drawer/shelf.  The ironstone tea pot is so pretty.


The big Roche balance was my last find of the day and I could barely get it to the car.  It is big, heavy and dirty and I was wearing a white dress.  The vendor was worried that I was going to get my dress dirty carrying the scale, but I couldn’t leave it behind.


In the end it was a great day and a great way to close this chapter of our time in France.  I don’t know if I will get to come back and do more shopping one day, but right now I feel pretty lucky to have done as much shopping here as I have.


I hope you enjoyed another walk through all of my vide grenier finds.

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