Beautiful Bayonne

On our most recent road trip we loaded up the car with all the kids and all of our gear and drove south.  We were on our way to Madrid, Spain, but our first night was spent in Bayonne, France.  We never know exactly what we are going to find when we stop for the night in random places I pick.  Our hotel here was iffy, but our  night passed uneventfully.

Of  course I had checked to see what brocantes might be happening in the area, but my hopes were not high because we were leaving on a Friday morning.  Would you believe that Bayonne had a small brocante scheduled for that Friday?  I am the luckiest girl.  We got up early Friday morning, checked out of the hotel and headed into Bayonne.  The city was beautiful and so peaceful that early in the morning.  We found a parking spot and took out on foot to find the brocante.


We passed the beautiful cathedral with plans to come back.


Thank goodness for GPS on phones and 3G coverage, these streets are beautiful but not always conducive to finding where you want to go.


And then we were there, on the banks of the river with about 25 people set up with their wares.DSC_0044

These pictures are all from one booth.  I bought a couple things from this woman and then asked if I could take some pictures.  If I bring the camera out first I find prices start to go up and up.

These stille salt shakers were so tiny and beautiful.


That little metal basket was so tiny and precious.  The tart cooling pan it is sitting on is vintage as well, she said from the 50’s.


I could have spent more time and money at this booth, but I did walk away with several treasures.DSC_0048


I loved this tea set too, so many beautiful things.


I had less than an hour to make my way around all of the booths.  There were not that many, but the selection was excellent and the prices were right.  I moved as quickly as I could.  I was also limited by the space left in our car and the fact we were on Day 1 of a 10 day adventure.

Here is what I found.


My sister is getting married this summer and she is doing a nautical theme.  When I saw this anchor I knew it had to come home with me.


The champagne bucket was made in France and is in great condition.  I can never resist old books.


This sweet statue of St Therese came home too.


This is the bottom of one of the two shells I found, you can see the 1917 date on both of them.  My husband was an artillery man and loves old war finds like this.


After I finished my dash through the market we headed back to go through the church.


The church did not disappoint.


This was one of my favorite stops on the whole trip.









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