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Right now I am packing up all of my treasures to get them ready for the container they will take back to Texas.  It is a huge job!  I did not realize how many treasures I had accumulated in the last 2 years.  The fun part of pulling things out of cabinets is realizing some of the beautiful collections I have put together.


This group of bowls are just a portion of the transfer ware I have, and they are some of my favorites.  They are all French and old.  The flowers were my inspiration to pull all of these together and they came from my yard.


This short week sure went quickly.  We have a fun weekend planned with a birthday party, piano recital and possibly a vide grenier.  Happy Friday!

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Amboise Brocante

Our family made a quick, last minute, road trip this weekend to Chateau de Chenonceau.  After I checked the hours of the chateau to make sure they would be open when we wanted to go and found a place for us to stay I checked to see if there were any sales going on near by.  I was in luck and found a Brocante & Vide Grenier in Amboise just minutes from where we were staying.  We had a wonderful visit to the chateau on Sunday and Monday morning I was ready to do some shopping.


The first couple of tables I stopped at were very expensive.  I started to get disappointed that I was going to just be looking.  And then I turned a corner and the buying began.  I did manage to get a few photos from around the brocante.  This was a massive sale, I walked and shopped for almost 3 hours. It was amazing.

These first photos are all from the same vendor.  They had mostly transferware and they had some truly amazing pieces.  This set was from the 1800s and was in perfect condition.


There were 3 tables just like this.


More amazing work.




It just kept going.


The condition of their pieces was just amazing.  I did buy a set of dessert plates from this vendor, I will show you those later.


I didn’t take any more photos until I had run out of money. A very sweet lady let me put my large basket in the trunk of her car while I did a little more shopping.  These are photos from the far end of the brocante from where I started.  I could have kept buying, but there was not an ATM to be found.


There was so much to look at.


I am always drawn to enamelware pieces and large metal signs.


The dogs at the markets are always fun.  This market had quite a few big dogs.


More pretty things.


This set caught my eye.


This fancy couple was right next to the orange set.


This bucket caught my eye on the way in and the way out.


The tables of linens are just amazing.


These old tools were so interesting.


I love these rows of bins, you never know what you are going to find and what kinds of prices they are going bring.


This table stopped me in my tracks.


And then it was time to leave.  We packed up, ate lunch, and made the 2 hour drive home.  I love unpacking all of my treasures and looking at them again.  Here is everything I managed to buy at the market. Yes, there are a lot of treasures. I was actually stopped at the market by a french film crew.  They interviewed me on camera (in English) for France 3.  They asked what I was buying and why.  Then the cameraman followed me for a little bit.  It was one of the silliest things that has happened to me while brocante shopping.


This mustard jar was a special find.


This is a toy sized basket, I love these baskets and have them in almost every other side.


Blue transfer ware is always a good find.


That is an enamel plate, the strands of pearls are going to be used in decorating for my sisters wedding.


Here is my transfer ware from the first vendor.  I got these 6 plates that are in very good condition for their age.


The back of the plates.


These posters are some of my favorite finds.  I got 10 different chateaux, many of them we have been to.  I love finds like this.


I put a few of my finds together, one of them is a pretty little pitcher with this ‘Deauville’ stamp on the bottom.


Here we are, a pretty pitcher, yellow enamelware and the green jars were all treasures from today.


I hope you enjoyed this trip through the Amboise Brocante.

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Mon Jardin

We are very lucky to have a fenced in yard with our house.  We are not in the city of Paris, but we are just across the Seine and there are still a lot of people packed in here.  A garden is definitely a perk.

I love that our yard is big enough for a trampoline and a swing for the kids, but my favorite part of our garden are the flowers.  These beautiful flowers that just appear without any work from me.  We have already seen tulips this spring.  Right now in mon jardin I have irises.




And this amazing bush of ranunculus .



These fine little white flowers are part of the blackberry bush.  My kids devoured every blackberry off this bush the first summer we moved in.  Last summer we had to tell them over and over again not to pick the fruit before it was ripe.  This year I don’t know if we will get to have any fruit before we move.


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Green Transferware by Badonviller

This set of dishes came from the same vide grenier in Normandy, but a different table.  I was not planning on buying another set of dishes, but when I saw this set I had to bring it home.


This set came with 49 pieces, including 23 dinner plates and 14 bowls.


There is only 1 chip that I could find on the whole set.


Here is the mark from the back.  I believe this set dates back to around 1923.


This is an amazing set with great serving pieces, all in great condition.  This is heading to the container for my shipment home.  I am almost done filling my container so this is one of my final purchases.  It is very exciting to be almost done and kind of sad.  I have had so much fun shopping to fill it.


And this is what my youngest thought of me taking more product photos.  Really he just wanted a snack.


My New Brown Transferware Cake Plate

Last weekend we visited Normandy to see the American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Juno Beach, Sainte Mere Eglise and Carentan.  It was a great trip for all of the historical things we wanted to do and see.  I also got to visit 2 vide grenier, 2 brocante warehouses, and a thrift store.  I posted several photos on Instagram of my shopping adventures.  I had some amazing finds and here is just one that I would like to share.  This beautiful little cake stand was tucked away at a table at a vide grenier.  A vide grenier is like a french garage sale.  The town we went to had at least 100 families each with their own table set up.  There were a lot of baby clothes and gear, kitchen gear, and tools.  Hidden amongst the other stuff were treasures just waiting to be found.  I had stopped at this table to look at a silver tea pot.  After asking the price and deciding to pass on the tea pot I spotted this plate.

I love brown transfer ware, and this one was a no brainer for me.


I love the pattern, the color and this plate is in perfect condition.  I feel like I won the lottery.


Do you have a favorite color of transfer ware?

Visiting Normandy

When we travel as a family we need a little bit more room than a just a hotel room.  We have had great success finding places for our family on  For our most recent trip I went on Airbnb and started searching for a place in Normandy.  I had not been to the American Cemetery there and we were using a long weekend to finally get to visit this area.  When I booked our house I did not realize it was near Juno Beach, and then I didn’t realize how far Juno Beach was from Omaha Beach.  At first I was frustrated with myself, but in the end we were all happy with my ‘mistake’.  In the end we had a great place to stay, we were able to walk to Juno Beach, and Omaha Beach was less than an hour away.

We arrived in Courselles Sur Mer on Friday afternoon.  Brigitte had told us to call when we got there, she road up on her bicycle just a few minutes after we called.

The courtyard was adorable.


Here is a view of the place that we stayed.  Our house was a 3 bedroom place with 2 bathrooms, a functional kitchen, washer, and tv.


  The most exciting part of this house for us was the garden.


This path went from the courtyard back into a beautiful little garden that Brigitte said we were welcome to use.


This area was so quaint and peaceful.



The sign on the door says “Attention Aux Lapins”  This is our second encounter with rabbits at an Airbnb place and it is safe to say that our daughter is in love.


She spent as much of her time with the rabbits as she could.


The hammock was a hit too.


I mean, really, what is not to love about this space?


You can see the vegetable garden behind us in this picture.  We could hear nearby roosters crowing too.


I can not imagine a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day with our crew.


And just like that our weekend in Normandy was over.  As we prepare to move back to Texas this summer it is hard to believe this is the last trip we have planned.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our adventures in France, but we are looking forward to what the future holds in Texas.


During the weekend I visited 2 vide grinners, 2 brocante warehouses, and a thrift store.  It was amazing and there are more pictures of my treasures to come.  You may have seen some of them on Instagram.

Here is the airbnb link to this amazing place if you are looking for a place to stay in Normandy.

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Beautiful Bayonne

On our most recent road trip we loaded up the car with all the kids and all of our gear and drove south.  We were on our way to Madrid, Spain, but our first night was spent in Bayonne, France.  We never know exactly what we are going to find when we stop for the night in random places I pick.  Our hotel here was iffy, but our  night passed uneventfully.

Of  course I had checked to see what brocantes might be happening in the area, but my hopes were not high because we were leaving on a Friday morning.  Would you believe that Bayonne had a small brocante scheduled for that Friday?  I am the luckiest girl.  We got up early Friday morning, checked out of the hotel and headed into Bayonne.  The city was beautiful and so peaceful that early in the morning.  We found a parking spot and took out on foot to find the brocante.


We passed the beautiful cathedral with plans to come back.


Thank goodness for GPS on phones and 3G coverage, these streets are beautiful but not always conducive to finding where you want to go.


And then we were there, on the banks of the river with about 25 people set up with their wares.DSC_0044

These pictures are all from one booth.  I bought a couple things from this woman and then asked if I could take some pictures.  If I bring the camera out first I find prices start to go up and up.

These stille salt shakers were so tiny and beautiful.


That little metal basket was so tiny and precious.  The tart cooling pan it is sitting on is vintage as well, she said from the 50’s.


I could have spent more time and money at this booth, but I did walk away with several treasures.DSC_0048


I loved this tea set too, so many beautiful things.


I had less than an hour to make my way around all of the booths.  There were not that many, but the selection was excellent and the prices were right.  I moved as quickly as I could.  I was also limited by the space left in our car and the fact we were on Day 1 of a 10 day adventure.

Here is what I found.


My sister is getting married this summer and she is doing a nautical theme.  When I saw this anchor I knew it had to come home with me.


The champagne bucket was made in France and is in great condition.  I can never resist old books.


This sweet statue of St Therese came home too.


This is the bottom of one of the two shells I found, you can see the 1917 date on both of them.  My husband was an artillery man and loves old war finds like this.


After I finished my dash through the market we headed back to go through the church.


The church did not disappoint.


This was one of my favorite stops on the whole trip.









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