Vintage Tea Party Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday with a vintage tea party theme.  Here is our dining room all set up with vintage tea cups and saucers, tea pots and lots of color. I will admit I was nervous about letting the girls use some of my vintage finds, but they did so well.  And really, what is the purpose of having all of these beautiful things if they do not get used?


The napkin rings had the girls first initial, they loved looking for their letter when it was time to sit down. The flowers were given by my aunt who helped with the party.  She also made the delicious cupcakes from scratch.  The table cloth is actually a curtain, a recent find at my favorite thrift store.


The birthday girl was so excited.  The banner is from a trip to England last summer, it says “Happy Birthday” on one side and “Let’s Celebrate” on the other.  I love the colors.


My mom, Nannie, before the party started. The delicious, homemade, chocolate cupcakes.


We had 12 little girls that came and had so much fun.  This was our craft, canvas bags that they got to decorate with puff paints.  I have very fond memories of decorating with puff paints, and I don’t think any of these girls had used them before.  It was so interesting to see how differently they all decorated their bags.  On the bottom right can you see the swan?  An 2nd grade girl made that with nothing but puff paints.  I must say I was impressed.


I am not very good at party games, thankfully we have a trampoline and several swings.  The girls had so much fun jumping and swinging and tree climbing.

DSC_0494   DSC_0409

This party would not have been possible with out these two amazing ladies.  They came to Paris on vacation and worked so hard to help make this party a success.Thank you Aunt Lorie and Nannie!


My sweet girl had fun and I am so thankful to be able to celebrate her life.  This little girl made me a mommy and I can’t image our lives without her.


I hope you enjoyed seeing our vintage tea party fun!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Tea Party Birthday

  1. Oh my! You just tugged at my heart strings. I too have a little girl and I love to celebrate her life. And this tea party is just absolutely charming. Great job to all!


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