Brocante Season is Starting!

Easter Monday is a holiday here in France.  I was on my favorite website,, and I saw there was going to be a brocante not far from our house.  I was up and at them bright and early Monday morning.  These yellow signs make my heart beat faster.  These brocantes are good, they are organized by a company, they usually have good parking, and a good mix of vendors.


This vendor had a great collection of vintage items.  His prices were fair and his selection was great.  I settled for this pile of goodies.  I took this picture so I would remember to go back and collect everything.  The vendor told me that the grey box and the little white chair had gotten a lot of attention while I was away.


This was my favorite find of the day, this mother and child bust is beautiful.


These vintage jars all came home with me.  I love old glass jars.


This load of treasures took 2 boxes to pack up.  I love transfer ware and Limoges and there was plenty to be found.


After carrying all of my finds back to the car and then unloading them back at the house I got everything out and took a look at it.  This grey box is so fun.


This sweet little chair is holding all of the Limoges I found today.


These tureens are small, but pretty.


Brown transfer ware is my favorite.


 I found so many fun things today.




Here is all of it.  I have spent the afternoon washing everything.


If it seems like I have been buying a lot lately, you are right.  I have been busy collecting as many treasures as I can to fit into a shipment that I am having sent back to Texas when we move this summer.  We have our personal shipment of things that we will be sending home, but I have taken the leap and will be filling a container with treasures to bring back and sell as well.  I will be in the Houston area so if you are in Texas next fall keep an eye out for Brocante Treasures!

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