Le Creuset Collection

Before I moved to France I always loved the idea of a cast iron dutch oven.  Of course Le Creuset was the ideal, but I never thought that I would be able to have one in my kitchen.  Then I moved to France and I started visiting brocantes, vide grenier and any other sale I could find.  The first time I saw one I about fell over myself getting to it.  That was one of the first times I was really happy to have my rolling market bag with me, these are HEAVY.  I have loved finding each of these pieces.  I use a couple of these daily, but most of them are just a part of my ever growing collection.

Le Creuset was first produced in 1925 in France. Today all of the cast iron pieces are still created here in France.  The flame orange was the original color, with many beautiful choices today.  The reputation of the Le Creuset name is what first attracted me to them, but the quality of the products are what keep me coming back for more.

The Tostador piece, below, was introduced in 1955.  It is in great condition like many of the pieces I have found.

Some of them you can tell have received a lot of use, others look like they have never held food.  I use my large ‘cocotte’ all the time and I love how my food turns out when I use it.


I found these two white with blue pieces at different locations, but they are from the same pattern.  Neither of them look like they have been used before.  I love the delicate pattern of blue on white, so classic.

The brown piece is in wonderful condition as well.


Do you have any pieces of Le Creuset?

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