Chateauneuf Brocante

    When we drive through France we keep our eyes on the horizon, because you never know what you are going to find.  We have driven a lot of miles in the United States and not once did we see a castle on the horizon.  Here in France it is expected to see something amazing.  Usually we have to satisfy ourselves with a google search of what we see and I read the history to my husband while we keep on driving.  On this trip we saw Chateauneuf on our way out of town.  It was sufficiently intriguing that we planned our trip howe with a lunch stop here.  If you were wondering there are no less than 5 Chateauneuf’s in France.  This is the one in Cote d’Or in the Burgundy Region.


  We made our way up the side of the mountain and into a parking spot in the tiny hilltop village.  Unfortunately most everything was closed for lunch or until after the new year. We decided to walk around for a bit and stretch our legs and see what the town had to offer. I started to wander with my camera and I found this alley.


Then I saw this sign, and I could not stop myself.  I didn’t tell my husband where I was going or anything.  Off I went.  I assumed I would have to be satisfied with looking through the windows and drooling at the treasures inside.


  Can you believe she was open?! There was a large group of people in the store, and I think the proprietress had stayed open to help them, because as soon as I left she closed up shop.  I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to visit this beautiful little shop.


  And she let me take pictures too.


  I did at least 3 laps around the tiny shop trying to take everything in.


  This giant copper tub with a stand was particularly intriguing, but knowing how much space we had in the car I didn’t even look at a price.


She had several beautiful sets of dishes.


  As well as many individual pieces.


  The stemware and the flatware is always intriguing and beautiful when it is all displayed so nicely. IMG_0007

After a slightly panicked phone call from my husband wondering where I had wondered off to I finished my shopping.  We debated eating lunch in the cafe, the menu they had looked pretty amazing, but we still had several hours left on the road with the question of how terrible the Parisian traffic would be.   DSC_0373

  We had time for one more quick photo in front of the castle itself and then it was back on the road with sandwiches.


Good bye Chateauneuf.  I hope to see you again one day.


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