Joyeux Noel and Merry Christmas 2014

This year we stayed in France for Christmas and we didn’t host either of our families.  It is always difficult to be away from home at the holidays, but we were able to host an open house for our church family.  It was so nice to be a place that people could come and eat good food and enjoy good company.  I had so much fun I forgot to take a single picture.  I did take this picture of my bottle carrier after everything was cleaned up.  I found the metal carrier at a local thrift store, but the bottles are from Ikea.  I filled them with water and it was the perfect set up for our party.  The cups fit in perfectly too.


After all of our friends had left and the presents were all out the peace in our was wonderful.


There is a special magic to celebrating Christmas with small children.


This manger set up has been one of my all time favorites.  Celebrating Christmas in a different culture makes you think about what the season really means to you; what is  important and what you can do without.  Celebrating the birth of our Saviour is the only thing that really matters, but I am thankful that we are able to do special things for our friends and family.


Christmas morning we were up and around by 6:30.  Our kids are early risers so this was not a surprise.  The kids were so excited about everything they got.  This moment for me with all of my children around me was the best moment for me.


And then the sun came up.  I love having a house full of early risers.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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