Local Christmas Lights

In November the towns in our area bring out the trucks with ladders, block traffic, and hang their Christmas lights.  Seeing the lights during the day gives you just a taste of what they will look like all lit up.  My mother is here for a visit and she really wanted to see the lights at night.  She was here last year, but left before the lighting season.
Last night we all piled into the car and drove around to look at some of the local lights.


I love looking down the street and seeing the lights leading the way.


You can see all of the detail in this close up.


This was one of my favorites.  The globes looked like they were floating.


This display is beautiful during the day too, there are giant pearls hanging from the top.


These were very elegant looking.


These last few were all in the same area and it was just beautiful.


The mairie’s office, or town hall.


This is across the street from the Mairie’s office.


You can see the ice skating rink right here, we are planning on coming back for some fun here!


There were some beautiful lights that I just couldn’t capture because there was no where to stop, but it was a beautiful night to drive around and get into the festive season.

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