Discovering Treasures and Learning a Little History

On Sunday my daughter and I headed out for an early morning brocante adventure.  I had the address of 2 small town brocantes and a couple of hours before church.  We made our way to the first location and I was not that hopeful when I saw the market.  There were not that many people and all I saw were piles of clothes.  That is the trouble with small town markets, you never know what you are going to get.

Thankfully the parking was close so we got out and made our way around.  I did find a couple of great treasures, but my favorite piece came from our last stop.


These four pieces were all sitting on a table.  There were a lot of people around and I was trying to move quickly so I picked these up and asked the price.  It was in the right range so I grabbed them up and put them in my bag.  It wasn’t until I got home, after another market and church that I was able to go through my finds and see what I had.

The color on this bowl is amazing.  The stamp on the bottom says Gien France.


The two pieces on the right are from Sarreguemines.  They are a beautiful cream colored ironstone.


 The real find of the day was this little white bowl.  It is not a very exciting bowl at first glance.  The edges are thick and not very refined, but I liked the medium size and the solid weight.


The fun begins when you see the bottom.  I googled this name and found that this is a German piece of 1941.  The Reichsarbeitsdienst was a Labor party in Germany.  They were developed before World War II and eventually worked closely with the Nazi party during the war.


 The fun part about this bowl is that my husband got excited about this piece of history that is now ours.  He told me that I am not allowed to sell this piece when it comes time to share some of my treasures.  I love that he is so supportive of my adventures and is able to enjoy my hard work.

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