Finding a Fixer Upper

When I was growing up my mom always loved a fixer upper.  I learned to spot a good project and now it is a family joke.  My husband and I love history so the charm of an old, falling down house has a certain appeal. Unfortunately we don’t have the time or the skills required to fix up most of the places that we see.

There are a couple of people that I have been inspired by recently, have you seen Chateau de Gudanes?  An Australian family has purchased this old chateau and they are restoring it.  They have a blog, Facebook and instagram account where you can follow their amazing journey.  There is also French Manoir on Instagram.  She documents her journey renovating an older home in France.  She is also from Australia.

Every time I see a journey of transforming a piece of history into something relevant for today I get excited.  It makes my heart happy to know a treasure from the past is being used and loved today.

The other day I was driving around while Garrett slept and I waited for a store to open and I saw this house.

It is near Chatou, a suburb on the west side of Paris.  It looked like there is a project to use this building and I was so glad.

Do you follow Sharon Santoni at My French Country Home?  Her latest post was about a house for sale in France.  The website she linked to is so much fun to peruse, and it is all in English.  I started looking for fun and then I found this house, for sale near Normandy.  It was built in 1775, but if you read in the description it is NOT a historically registered home.  It needs a lot of work, but it is for sale for just 300,000 euros.  The possibilities in this home are just amazing!  

All that to say that I love old falling down houses, and I know I am not alone.

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