Castles and Brocantes in La Loire Valley

 In October French schools take 2 weeks off for their Toussaint break.  Toussaint, or All Saints’ Day, is a time when they honor their dead.  Our children don’t go to a French school, so they only get 1 week off of school.  We decided to take this time to visit La Loire Valley.  Here are a couple photos from the beginning of our trip.

Our trip started with a stop in Orleans.  We walked through the cathedral and then through a market that was just closing.  I was going from table to table as quickly as I could before the vendors packed things up.  I did find a few things that were worth bringing home.

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From Orleans we drove on to Amboise where we were staying.

This is where Leonardo Da Vinci is buried, in Chateau Amboise.  This was our view during dinner.


On our way to Chinon we drove by this ‘little’ chateau.  They had signs all over advertising for an upcoming brocante.  I am trying to decide if a 2 1/2 hour drive is worth it.


Chinon was a great stop for the whole family.  We had a treat from a local bakery and toured the castle.  Joan of Arc came here for a meeting.


 After the castle we headed down into the city for the monthly brocante.  The vendors set up along the banks of the river.  There was a playground across the street from the brocante so I was able to listen to the laughter of my children while I collected as many treasures as I could carry.


There are many more pictures to comb through after our very enjoyable trip.

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